Top 25 Reasons to Choose Lyon Over Paris

When coming to France why should you choose Lyon over Paris?….the answer is very simple!

Lyon&ParisWhen you want to get to know France well, learn the language and experience the French best cuisine, you don’t need to go to Paris (the first name you probably associate with France). Paris is very expensive, crowded, polluted, busy place …and again I will say this – its very expensive, Ok, it has its Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and many other beautiful monuments that you have to see. But hey, one or two days there are enough and you can always get to Paris in about 2 hours from Lyon by using very efficient TGV. Good and easy, isn’t it?

So why you should always choose Lyon…briefly but efficiently these are my top reasons as trust me I needed to make myself stop listing them as Lyon has many exceptional characteristics.


  1. Lyon has Paul Bocuse and Paris doesn’t! Lyon is truly the capital of the French cuisine. In Lyon, good eating has been considered as an essential part of life. People go out to eat often and the top French chefs live and practice their cuisine here. Not to mention the fact that the city has more than 2000 restaurants, ranging from informal ones to the fifteen that have stars in the 2014 Michelin Guide and there are 72 Michelin-starred chefs in the region. Have you heard about Paul Bocus…he is like a pope of French cuisine. Lyon cuisine is well known worldwide as many people have already tried and can recommend the best places to eat in Lyon so check it out on here
  2. Lyon has bouchons and Paris doesn’t! These small eateries are the antithesis of nouvelle cuisine, serving traditional Lyonnaise dishes such as tripe, bone marrow, donkey snout, and pork offal sausage, to name just a few. Only 20 bouchons are officially certified and deemed “authentic”. All are in Lyon!
  3. Lyon has The Festival of Lights and Paris doesnt! And the Fete de Lumiere it is really something – it is unmissable & unique and truly amazing 4 days long event event gathering visitors from all over the world. I even cannot start describing it. Just have a look here  to have a sneak preview! It is really so exceptional! Obviously there is nothing like this in Paris or any other place in the world!
  4. Lyon is much cheaper than Paris! That’s a fact!
  5. Lyon has beautiful historic part: called Vieux-Lyon  district which is classified as the Unesco Site and it’s a great competition to Paris monuments.
  6. Lyon has the modern part which cannot be replicated even Paris does not have it. Confluence district of Lyon – the former industrial brownfield is currently being transformed into one of the most sustainable and exemplary districts in Europe.
  7. Bike wherever you want. The very well developed Vélo’v system with no less than 4 ,000 bikes at 340 stations which are ready for you to use in Lyon. Now its up to you if you like being sportive and independent or you can use well organized, clean metro and buses with actually nice drivers and many women drivers! They always wait for me and say Bonjour ;-). Ok, they have a good transport connection in Lyon but have you heard about the level of pollution they have? So they are limited in terms of using cars and too busy to use the bike!
  8. Lyon has two rivers and Paris only one! Rhône & Saone I found it really amazing as there is a point where those two rivers join together. When the weather is nice you can see it well at the Confluence district
  9. People! Paris is very international now so to be honest it has lost the very French lifestyle. While Lyon has been really protected and not easy accessible. So that is why in Lyon you are forced to speak French which is kind of cute and helpful when you want to learn. Life has remained the same, without stress, while Paris has become very cosmopolitan and busy and slowly losing its French style.
  10. Parcs…as Lyon has an amazing Tête d’Or Park Why is it so amazing? Well, it covers 105 hectares with the 16-hectare lake, has a free zoo and botanical garden and became the “green lungs” of the city. It is a super place for picnic, walk, date, getting the lake & boat safe experience just to name few. Paris cannot afford such a green area in the centre.
  11. The weather in Lyon is very good. It sounds strange but its true! I mean the winter is mild, the spring is early with many flowers and beautiful flowers trees which I love and the summer is hot but not as hot as south of France and not as polluted as Paris. Its not too hot and not too cold – just perfect. It has the bluest & clearest sky I have ever seen! Paris misses the benefit of the location closer to the south and nice weather and is very polluted!
  12. Lyon is a place where you will take very good photos. There are many days when Lyon gets the very blue sky and beautiful reflection in the river. The light is very good; the rivers give you the unique reflection which makes your photos unique. Additionaly, Lyon has the mountainous landscape and Fourvière. Paris have many monuments to take a photo of but the place is so crowded with tourists that you need to wait long to get a proper photo.
  13. The historical heritage with the Gallo-Roman theatre. The city was founded on October 9, 43 B.C., by a Roman legate, on Fourvière Hill . And you can easily see the roman influences on France. You cannot get this feeling in Paris as you are overwhelmed with the metal Effie Tower mainly.
  14. Lyon has such a hill and Paris …has a different one! It has not only a simple one hill but many and the main one is Fourvière Hill – a place where the city was born. People love it!
  15. Paris has Notre Dame Cathedral but Lyon has its own Notre Dame De Fourviere. It is now part of a UNESCO World Heritage site on the Fourvière hill.
  16. Paris has its Eiffel Tower and we cannot forget about it but is it really so impressive? Lyon is not worse …it is actually better as it offers not only a tower – its called La Tour Métallique (it was actually privately built by the owners of the Eiffel Tower) and most importantly it forms the highest point in Lyon and is in fact higher than the Eiffel Tower at its summit, due to it being on a hill. The Tour Métallique de Fourvière is one of Lyon’s most easily recognizable landmarks.
  17. Lyon has Guignol and Paris doesn’t! GUIGNOL, the French Mr. Punch, the symbol of Lyon humor. This is a cute main character of a puppet theater which was created in 1808 in Lyon by an unemployed canut, a silkworker named Laurent Mourguet.
  18. Lyon has it! The Funicular of Lyon is a network of funicular railways. In 1862, the world’s first funicular railway was built between Lyon and La Croix-Rousse and the only two routes on the Fourvière hill remain in operation so you can have a ride up to the hill which is a great attraction!
  19. Paris doesn’t have it and Lyon has not one but even 9 amazing city creations points with more than sixty CitéCréation frescos and one more modern and the only one worldwide project to come.The city creations look stunning and amazing. My favourite one is Le Mur Des Canuts.
  20. It is not Paris but Lyon where the movies have been invented. A big thank you to Auguste and Louis Lumiere who created the first film camera (the cinematograph) in 1892. To learn more you can visit the Lyon’s Institut Lumiere
  21. Paris is poor in this aspect and Lyon very rich! Lyon is the gateway to the Beaujolais viticultural region. Ones of the most popular wine shops are Cave Chromatique and  La Cave des Vins Magnifiques
  22. Lyon has Alps (nearby) and Paris doesn’t! It will take you around one hour to get to Alps to do your skiing or/and enjoy the landscapes! Closer & cheaper & easier, isnt it?
  23. Lyon has about 230 Traboules and Paris doesn’t have a single one! But what are they exactly? They are passageway which passes through a group of buildings, this type of architecture is unique to Lyon and looks impressive. Check here and plan a walk to discover many hidden ones, especially in Vieux Lyon and Cross Roux.
  24. Paris might be a Capital of France but Lyon has more capital’s titles! Lyon is a Capital of Gastronomy; it is a Capital of Resistance which you can discover in the Museum. It is also the French Capital of ‘trompe l’œil’ walls (this is interesting) and Capital of Gaul but also Capital of Lights (thanks to Fete de Lumiere and a bit more). All?
  25. Not worse the Paris anymore! Finally I think Lyon realized that they can and should share their beauty with the world. I found it very difficult and expensive to travel here – no direct flights, expensive national lines but here you are…The latest news: Eurostar connections with London (easier & cheaper!) and direct & cheap flights to Poland. Thank you easyjet!


So I could really keep writing as simply Jadore Lyon, I have already chosen it and how about you? Are you now more convinced that you should come to Lyon!? Well any questions just give me a shout…and in the meantime, enjoy the photos on here


I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it...