My Top 5 Places To Get The Best Beer in Lyon

My Top 5 Places For The Best Beer in Lyon with a little bonus!

I am not the specialist on beer at all! But I live with one very good Beer Specialist who has been educating me well about those drinks, their types, tastes, quality etc. I am not saying here about drinking too much but about the french way of beer degustation. Because in France each food, meal, a drink has to be discussed! Did you notice? French talk about food a lot! Even more than I do 😉Best Places to Get the Best Beer in Lyon

Anyway, as you can imagine, I have been spending a lot of time in the Lyonnais pubs, bars, restaurants where you can get a very good beer. So not experienced myself the taste of the beer in Lyon, I have been observing, listening, and registering the feedbacks. Now I feel I really know at least the top 5 best but really best places where you can get the very good beer in Lyon (I know there are more)! So let me tell you about them now…

My Top 5 Places For The Best Beer In Lyon.

  1. Ninkasi. This is not only a beer bar but the whole Lyonnais story & pride…Ninkasi is the brand of beer, a brasserie and a French concert hall. It is the local brewery which has 12 locations around the city and in each of them you are sure to get a very good french beer!  It was founded in 1997 by Christophe Fargier in Gerland in Lyon. It is a symbol of Lyon although it has started to spread and the bar – restaurant network is now located in Tarare, Les Menuires and St Romain en Gal. Ninkasi offers real artisanal beers so to taste it, it’s an experience not to be missed in Lyon. I just need to add that they do food as well and it’s heavy! Heavy but very tasty burgers, chips and salads. Heavy but so good! Try it if you have a chance. It’s an experience indeed. Pints from 4,5 Euro. Addresses: 12!Top Place to get best beer in lyon Ninkasi
  2. Wallace Bar in Lyon, Vaise. I know 2 Wallace Bars in Lyon and I love & recommend & spend each Saturday evening in the Vaise one! For the atmosphere, for the choice of different beers like here, some very good cocktails, for an English food (eat something not French this time but don’t freak out as you can still count on the plate of cheese/pate/saucisson served with the French baguette!) Wallace Pub in Vaise Not to mention the team working at Wallace Vaise – they are all very quick, efficient, nice & welcoming & funny. They do remember you well and give you nice mugs if you smile…J’adore! Address: 8 rue de la Claire; 69009 Lyon; 04 72 09 97 93Wallace Pub in Vaise Lyon
  3. Elephant and Castle Pub in Old Lyon. I think this is the best English pub in Lyon. It offers a large and unique range of English beers on tap and in bottles which come directly from The Wells & Young’s brewery in Bedfordshire (what an experience to have in Lyon!?) On top of the great selection of English beers, you will have a chance to eat typical and traditional English meals! There is the famous Sunday roast but the everyday winners here are: English breakfast (anytime of the day and really big in size!), fish and chips, pies, burgers just to name a few. The stuff is international and can speak English fluently. They are very welcoming and create relaxed, happy atmosphere. So feel an English Spirit and get an English proper beer in Lyon! Address: 16, quais de Bondy; Lyon 69005Elephant and Castle in Lyon
  4. Le Palais De La Bière. One of the most popular, well known & loved by Lyonnais beer bar! The palace of the beer was the first bar specializing in beer to open in Lyon. Do you know when it was? Well, long time ago in 1947! Therefore it keeps a special place in the heart of Lyonnais. On top of that the food served in the bar is also typical lyonnaise, so you can eat traditional mussels-frit, andouillettes and sausages of Montbéliard just to name few. Address: 1 rue Terme, Lyon 1er; 0478279400; Pints 9 € to12 €La Palaise De La Biere in Lyon
  5. James Joyce Pub. Little and cosy Irish pub with a perfect location in Vieux Lyon. You cannot miss it. It is a great spot to have a refreshing break with a pint of Guinness. It’s amazing place to hid from the heatwave so popular in Lyon during summer. They have very good air conditioning (just a tip which saved my life once in Lyon…it was so hot) Anyway, talking about the pub. It has a really friendly & welcoming atmosphere with many discounts for loyal customers; it has a mixture of international tourist and expats who like to watch a rugby game there; the staff is helpful and generous! Address: 68 Rue Saint-Jean, 69005 Lyon; Pints: 2.5James Joyce Pub

Bonus! I haven’t tested these ones yet but apparently they are very good places to have a very good beer in Lyon!

  • Les Fleurs du Malt. New bar located next to the Saone river. It has about fifteen pressures and hundreds of bottles. Local organic beer, beautiful French, Belgian, German, Dutch, mousse in all its combinations. Address: 15 quai romain-rolland, Lyon 5e; 0478428058.Pints from 4 €.
  • The Beers. It’s a beer bar located in Vieux Lyon. It is a local low-key pub which offers over 50 different types of beers. The menu is colorful and organized into categories of white, blonde, ambrée, brune and fruity. There are actually many fruit beers and a decent selection of Trappist beers if you like traditional and rich in flavor beers. This is a good late night choice for a spot of rock, R&B and hip-hop. Address: 3 place Saint-Paul; Lyon 69005, +33 4 72 00 23 60. Pints are €5 and halves are €2.70.

Trust me here. Go and check out those Top 5 Places For The Best Beer In Lyon and experience yourself.Best Beer In Lyon I would love to hear what you think! Or maybe you already have some preferences. What is your favorite Beer Bar in Lyon? Can give me some other ideas on where I can taste a good beer? I would love to take my ‘Beer Specialist’ to a new or different place in Lyon where you can get a good beer. Please share with my and in the meantime…Sante! / Cheers/ Na zdrowie!

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