Top 5 Very French Things But Not Very Good French Souvenirs and Why?

Top 5 Things that Seems French but you should not bring them  from France as souvenirs

After my deep and proper investigation into French souvenirs, I found my Top 15 Favourite Ones here. But this is not all I also created a list of Souvenirs from Lyon. Have you seen here? Top 5 Very French Things But Not Very Good French Souvenirs And Why NEWI was also caught into the subject of things typical/ not that typically French. That is why this time a made a list of things not recommended to bring from France as the souvenir. I have easily found Top 5 Things that Seems French but you should not bring them from France as souvenirs.

I bet you can add few more…

  1. Beret – seems very French as one of the most popular images associated with a French man. If you want a beret than go shopping to some fashion stores anywhere and you will get as good or even better choice as in France.Beret
  2. Espadrilles – the fact I haven’t heard about them before coming to France doesn’t mean they exist only in France. Apparently, they always have been popular and I seem to be blind Anyways now I know that espadrilles were created in the Basque country in the 19th century and they have French origins but you can get them elsewhere easily. So you won’t impress anyone when bringing those from France.Espadrilles
  3. Wine below 5 euros – this I was told…do not buy the wine below 5 euro (I don’t count the offers though). Because you are bringing the French wine from France, bring a good one. Ideally, it is if you can find the local wine from local producers because it’s not only a good memory of the place but also a big part of French lifestyle to use the wine to experience the life and pleasure not to get drunk.Wine below 5 euros
  4. An Eiffel Tower the symbol of the capital, featured on a T-shirt, made into a keyring and all those cheesy souvenirs you can get from the Chinese market. On top of that, you can get anything Paris related worldwide….like hereAn Eiffel Tower Cheesy Souvenir
  5. Cheese – a yes and no. this is one of the most French things you can get. True you can buy cheese worldwide and in the bigger and bigger choice but I will assure you it will never be as French and fresh as you can get in France. So it would be the best French souvenir you can bring from France yet I would not recommend. Why? Easy because of the practical side of things…however you manage to pack it, wrap it, I will bet it will smell  (read: it stinks a lot) in your luggage. Sadly, it might also turn bad if kept too long outside the fridge. So NO for yummy French cheese. Instead, you can think about saucisson if you like meat or chocolate which I found in Lyon like Voisin which is very Lyonnais. Lastly, the very safe choice would be cheese board…but this can be bought worldwide as wellSmelly French Cheese

So do you now know what not to bring from France as souvenirs? Do you know why? I hope so but I also hope to hear from you what else? What else would you not recommend to bring from France as souvenirs….and why? So I can avoid some silly ‘gaffes’, little mistakes, uncomfortable situations. Dziękuję bardzo 🌸


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