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Fed up with Lyon? Impossible I know! But making a break, being more precise, a city break from Lyon is a very good idea. Don’t you think? Especially when the super big airport Saint Exupery ìs near by and when there are so many cheap airlines available and offering good deals on flights! Did you know that?

Fly From Lyon But Where

What is more it’s working both way. I mean, if you are in Lyon you can book your cheap flight to the top interesting European destinations I will mention here or if you actually live in those cities you can come to visit Lyon as it’s a beautiful city.

So I checked out and tested (and want to test more) a few cool, convenient, beautiful, interesting European cities you can visit easily and on a budget from Lyon. I bet the Rhone Express train which is one of the easiest and quickest way to get to the airport can be the biggest cost for your city break as their prices are high yet for going to catch the flight this is the best way: 20 mins and you are there without any traffic stresses. But if you really want to avoid high costs, here I found few cheaper alternatives.

So here you are My Top Super Cool, Beautiful, Interesting, Convenient, Easy and Cheap European Destinations From & To Lyon:


1.KRAKOWI have not only visited but also I had a pleasure to live there for few years and I can confirm: it’s a real gem of Poland and a MUST SEE place in Poland. Before, it was difficult for me to go to Poland. There were only quite expensive Lufthansa flights with a long waiting breaks in Germany to get to my Katowice. Now, at the Saint Exupery Airport, we have direct easyjet flights to Krakow direct easyjet flights to Krakow …and Wroclaw and…It couldn’t be more convenient and cheaper to visit Poland from Lyon. And it’s really worth it as I show here LINK

Lisbon2.LISBONI also visited for a long weekend and I did it very cheaply with easyjet. Then I got cheap airbnb and I spend amazing time discovering the city. It was one day that by chance i looked at the Saint Exupery airport website and found a deal for LISBON.This opened my eyes on what potential the Lyon’s Airport has and I started my further investigation.

Florence3.FLORENCE – I also visited and want to recommend as a great city break or holidays from Lyon. The city is stunning as I proved here. I have to admit I didn’t take a flight there because it’s quite expensive but we did a road trip that time. I will recommend this for the strongest ones as there’s a lot of driving involved but it allowed me to explore more of Italy with the beautiful Cinque Terre or Pisa or many more Italian gems as here LINK. But if you can’t drive there are also flights from Lyon to Italy, choose for example Pisa here for an easy and cheap and quick city break.

Barcelona4.BARCELONA – the capital of Catalonia, is a magical city that makes an amazing impression on everyone who decides to visit it.  I have been there twice but not from Lyon and I would go one more as the city offers so much. Each of my visits gave me a different, wonderful experience and I know I can discover more. The best part of visiting Barcelona so many times is the opportunity to admire the Sagrada Familia which looks different each time. And i love Barcelona for Gaudi. I have good news for you. The flights from Lyon to Barcelona are not that expensive, check here what vueling cheap airlines offers you.

Athens5.ATHENS – The city I dream to visit! It is the capital and the biggest city of Greece, it is one of the most important tourist centers in Europe with many monuments of ancient culture. Me? J’adore and want to see it! And you? I can’t wait to walk around the city and discover all the traces of ancient, Roman or Byzantine times. So I keep my easy open on the Saint Exupery airport here and my calendar to find the best deals that aegean cheap airlines have for Greece and Athens

London6.LONDON – the amazing city i had a pleasure to live in and I  recommend to visit. You need to see it at least once. London made a huge impression on me. Firstly, because I was able to see all the places I was learning at school and they are impressive indeed. Secondly, I liked London for being a centre of everything happening.You are never bored there and you can enjoy the city on a budget. Few small tips here: London is great for shopping, but also great for culture – check out for the shows, musicals even ballets for £10 and cheap restaurants deals 2 for 1 (really in the center of London you can eat cheaply and in a very posh). Now, how to get there? From Lyon you can get fairly cheap flight with easyjet. But remember you need to pay for a train from airport to London. The second option is the Eurostar train which isn’t much cheaper than planes but at least you are going to centre of London.

Rome7.ROME – one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which I also visited but a very long time ago. You will find here everything – antique monuments, art and architecture, tasty cuisine and romantic atmosphere. The number of attractions can be overwhelming – so prepare yourself on what to do during a weekend in Rome. Thankfully,  the historical part of Rome is relatively small and possible to overcome on foot, and also there are many restaurants which serve buffet so imagine  unlimited pizza, pasta and more pizzas and pastas😉🍕🍝🍕🍝 on a budget. Another good news is that there are cheap flights from all over the Europe and from Lyon to get to Rome and from Lyon on a budget you can use vueling.

Edinburgh8.EDINBURGH hidden gem of Europe and a place which I visited one summer and was totally impressed. It’s beautiful,  historical, yet full of life and positive energy. The castle is stunning, the Scottish culture is very interesting and the people- ones of the kindest, very helpful and extremely friendly. From Lyon you can get also cheap direct flights. I actually went to north England and drove there by hired car as this allowed me to admire amazing landscapes of Scotland and visit another beautiful city – Glasgow (it’s also worth a visit).

Copenhagen9.COPENHAGEN – is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Europe. And for me. It is on my list of places to visit. So far, as many other people I have been put off the city due to high prices, the lack of cheap flights and problems with car access. But I’m motivated and I’m keeping my eye on the good flight deals to Copenhagen from Lyon by easyjet. But don’t worry, I have some good savvy news for us: if we pay a bit more for flights, we can get a CopenhagenCard which gives the free access to 73 attractions, also allows the use of public transport. The card is available in four variants: 24h, 48h, 72h and 120h. It’s true, the Copenhagen Card is not cheap, but nothing is in Copenhagen. Yet we all want to see it, yes?

Amsterdam10.AMSTERDAM – with its Golden Age canals, 17th-century mansions, world-class museums, and well-established counterculture, Amsterdam is extremely interesting  European capital. While some come for tulips, cheese, and windmills, others are drawn by the city’s reputation for easy sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll. I have been there 3 times! Can you imagine? As it’s easy to visit city, very welcoming with cheap flights and so many things to discover and many things to experience. And I love tulips⚘⚘⚘. Whatever brings you to this charismatic global village, you’re sure to be charmed by its fairy-tale landscapes, tolerant vibe, and historical legacy. And as I said it’s quite easy to get there even from Lyon, check here to compare the direct flights and find your best deal.

Top City BreaksSo which city is your favourite? Which ones did you visit? Which ones would you like to visit? Maybe you have some other recommendations for me? THANK YOU AND BON VOYAGE!


I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it...

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