Top Polish Foods To Bring Back From Poland

My Checklist of Top Polish Foods I will always bring back from Poland:

I have been in Lyon for some time now. I love it more and more each day indeed. I appreciate to be in the Capital of the Gastronomy and I do enjoy the Lyonnais Cuisine a lot. But as I am Pole…by heart and stomach… I do miss my Polish dishes a lot, the comfort food which my parents were preparing for me, the best cakes my Mum baked and the best Polish Sunday meals my Dad was cooking and some Polish specialities that can be found only in the Polish shops and markets. So when I am getting a bit sentimental I will crave for some Polish food indeed. Then when I am in Lyon I am a bit stucked really. There is no shops I can go to by my Polish food. Well, there is a small & tiny section of Polish food in the Auchan and Carrefour but this is rubbish! The food taste terrible and there is no choice what so ever. I was luckier when I used to live in London. There was much easier. There are so many Polish shops with its specialities that I felt like walking in my hometown. The supermarkets are well equipped with the sections of Polish foods and what surprised me a lot there, it was that there have already been deals 2 for 1 or 50% off Polish cookies for example. I mean how well known the Polish food is! But I am not sad! I love Lyon and I would not exchange it for London at all! And I am well-organized so when I come back home I make sure to bring back the certain my favourites! So I do have My Checklist of Top Polish Foods I will always bring back from Poland:

Maka ziemniaczanaMaka Ziemniaczana: it is very popular in Poland and it is necessary for many traditional Polish meals so if I want to prepare my dumplings or bake certain cakes I need to bring it here to Lyon indeed!

KielbasaKiełbasa: the Polish sausage which is the best! You cannot argue with that. The French have their best cheese and English have their Fish and chips (haha – this obviously you can get anywhere else yet the style of the fish and its size is very English indeed!), Poles have their best sausages and ham! There are dozens of varieties, smoked or fresh, made with pork, beef, turkey, lamb, veal with every region having its own specialty. I always will get it freshly smoked from the local farm! It will then stay in the fridge fresh for longer. I loved it for barbecues!

SzynkaSzynka: the Polish ham and I will make sure to get the best quality one as well. It is freshly smoked at the farm and will not have any preserves. The taste is exceptional. You will not replicate it anywhere in the world…sorry Lyonnais saucisson..we are better here! My favourite is the Polędwica Sopocka which is a steamed and smoked pork meat. It it is a nice and pink meat ideal for traditional Polish open sandwiches but also delicious on its own or on pizza or in pasta bakes etc

KaszankaKaszanka: grilled or baked solid pieces of buckwheat blended with pork blood and shaped as sausages. It can be disgusting for some people, I like it! It’s similar to the English back pudding but not the same exactly. I liked it boiled or pan-fried but it’s very good from the grill as well.

Ogorki kiszoneOgórek Kiszony: Polish pickled cucumber. Don’t be confused with the Ogórek Konserwowy – so the preserved cucumber in the vinegar. This one you can get abroad but not the picked one. Heavy jar to bring over from Poland but its worth it!

Krówki – Polish fudge, soft milk toffee candies with chewy filling. The taste of my childhood. They can be sickly sweet but sometimes you do need the sugar!

Ptasie mleczko – chocolate-covered candy filled with soft marshmallow, the kind of milk soufflé. It’s very typical sweet for Poland and the best one comes from the traditional Polish chocolatier Wedel!

Kisiel – sweet fruit jelly in different favours. Its to be eaten on its own but I usually use this in my baking. I will get few sachets of raspberries, strawberries, lemon and peach ones.

Budyń – vanilla, sweet cream chocolate, fruity creamy pudding which serves as a dessert on its own but it is usually used for baking. I will also bring few sachets of different favours as they are light and easy to transport and yet so useful when baking!

PrincePolo Princessa

Prince Polo or Princessa – these are the wafers combined with chocolate filling and coated with chocolate. They are my favourite Polish chocolate bars!

CzekoladaPolish chocolates from Wedel – very good quality Polish chocolate which can be traditional black, milk, with nuts but also is produced with the unusual filling of the fruits jams, yogurts and sweet fruity jellies. I don’t this other countries have it!


Michalki – the best quality Polish chocolate pralines with nuts pieces. Another taste of my childhood, my favourite one!

Śliwka W czekoladzieSliwka w czekoladzie – Chocolate-covered prune, traditional and tasty Polish posh pralines!

Polish Beer

Polish Vodka and Polish Beer…well this you can find in the international sections of foreign supermarkets but they are pretty expensive on there and the choice is limited.

Polish WodkaZubrowkathe Bison Grass Vodka, one of the most original and authentic Polish vodkas. It is a herb-flavored vodka that is distilled from rye and bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. It’s the best served with the apple juice.


Gosh, it seems that my luggage is filled with the food only. I shall not mention this to the customs as I don’t know what are the limits of all those foods..I guess they will tell you …you can take as much as you can eat…uff it seems like a lot but well it will be eaten & used finally for sure.

But you…have you have you ever seen any of those products abroad? Have you tried them out? Polish food is also a good one to explore if you have a chance…Smacznego!


I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it...

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  1. The smoked ham is my favourite. It really is the best. The smell is lovely, it is very tender and the flavour is just great.

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