Treat Yourself With Face Food Feasts

Treat Yourself With Face Food Feasts. Get spoilt and get relaxed, treat your face well and get pretty!


Food Face Feast
Food Face Feast

Visit Amazon and get those Montagne Jeunesse Face Food 10 Masque Sachets which are currently on the offer. They have great reviews and it works out at 25p per face mask sachet.

So what those packs include? You can get this following varieties:

  • 2 x Avocado oil and walnut – Exfoliate your skin with avocado oil and walnut granules, to gently wash away dead skin cells and deeply moisturize.
  • 2 x Cucumber and apple – Revive your skin and remove impurities with cucumber and apple extracts, to moisturize, soothe and refresh tired skin.
  • 2 x Dead sea mineral mud – Deeply cleanse your skin with seaweed and aloe vera. The sea salts and natural clay gently draw out impurities and hydrate skin.
  • 2 x Ginseng and jasmine – Deeply cleanse your skin as the warmth open your pores. Natural ingredients combine to eliminate excess oils and leave skin moisturized
  • 2 x Orange oil and vitamin c – Peel away impurities and dead skin with orange oil and vitamin c. The essential vitamins soothe, refresh and restore skin.

Learn more about those masks and their relaxing effects by visiting Montagne Jeunesse website Visit Amazon and Treat Yourself With Face Food Feasts 

Food Face Feast
Food Face Feast



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