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As I hope you get inspired or smile while reading my blog or checking my Instagram silly moments of living in France and sharing my love for France and everything so French, I also got recently inspired by my other passion: shopping and obviously I would like to share that with you.

I got inspired by funny, unusual yet so ideal things associated with France that would be a great idea for a present from France for someone or for yourself. So if you like France and the French or if you say you don’t like but you really do … (as everyone loves France whatever they say;), if you have a little bit sense of humour, here is something for you:

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My list of unusual and funny gift ideas from France

1.Saucisson Guillotine

Very posh sausage cutter from France, obviously from France as it is called GUILLOTINE and it is used  to cut typical french sausage: saucisson for a typical french apéros. It can be obviously used to cut other foods. It’s a beautiful, stylish and made of wood addition to your kitchen and any party you have.

guillotine saucisson

2. French beret supporter – Tricolore

Can you get more French than that? Typical french beret in the colors of France. This is the perfect element for any supporter of the team of France during a sporting competition and a perfect present for a French fanatic!

beret basque supporter

3. Boite Made in France

About french food, we could talk and talk. Instead, i would like  to invite you to rather than taking, discovering the French specialities. Consume 100% French thanks to this little box Made in France filled with the French products. Find, for example, the famous Duralex glasses, such as those in the canteen, produced in the Loiret or the famous Opinel created in Savoy! The different products 100% French will make you rediscover the riches of the French  heritage.

boite made in france

4.  La Thé Box

Super present for the tea lovers but not only. So called infusion – the herbal tea, is after wine, one of the most popular drinks in France. Mariage Frères is the most accredited tea seller in France, very posh, expensive but very good. Kusmi Tea is also a widely used french tea brand, and there are stores in most areas. The tea box proposes you a surprise selection of the new teas every month. In this way you can continue discovering France or sharing this experience with others. Perfect present for me… tigre-box tea

5. Saucissons de France en tricot

Knitted French sausages to decorate your kitchen with humor. Why not, zero calories sausage, I like the creative touch!  Made in France and it represents the typical french food speciality. And most importantly this saucisson does not stinck…

saussison en trocotte

6. Chain Wine Bottle Holder

Heavy iron chain which helps you keep the wine pouring … and as impractical as it sounds because it only holds a single bottle of wine;  it’s so unusual and cool that will amaze everyone. It’s is one of the most eye-catching wine accessories I have ever seen.

chain wine bottle holder

7. French Gift box called:  Le Parisian or Campagne gift box

A box full of things so french  like something to drink, a little bit of culture, and generally just some nice stuff. I can’t say much. It’s up to you to discover. These boxes are put together in and around Paris. The only thing better would be if they come from different regions in France so you could customize it and create a box of your own. I’m still waiting for the Lyonnais version.

Coffret la Champagne box

8.Biotyfull Box

Beauty box made in France! And bio! Discover the French cosmetics and spoil yourself with a surprise, the french way

biotyfull beauty box

9. The Artisan Cheese Maker’s Kit

It’s quite difficult to transport the real french very smelly cheese. That is why the idea of yo making your own cheese sounds very interesting. The cheese maker kit will allow you to create any cheese you want: mozzarella, ricotta, goat cheese or whatever your favorite cheese is. This kit contains everything you need (except milk):  ingredients, equipment, recipe ideas and tips.

cheese makiing kit

10. Plateau a fromages stormtroope

Lastly, something for the Star Wars fan who happen to be passionate about France. I found this unusual cheese tray to serve any dinner, well after dinner treat. This is a wooden cheese board in a shape of the Stormtroopers helmet with 3 knives and 1 cheese fork


I hope I got you at least smiling while discovering my list of unusual gifts from France. Now over to you: can you share with my any unusual or funny thing you can buy in France? Bring me some smile please!

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