The unusual jobs only found in France

Not only unusual but also only found in France. Yes! I found the jobs which do not exist anywhere else but France. Check below if I can make you surprised as I was by unusual French only jobs! 

I am not sure if this can be useful for someone who is searching for a job in France but for sure this can open the minds, inspire and help people who are searching for a change in their career. I found it fascinating to learn that there are some jobs that exist only in France. I haven’t known them before and I wonder if you knew any of these unusual French jobs I will present to you today. Check the list of the unusual jobs only found in France, below and do not hesitate to share your experience!

The unusual jobs only found in France

Le pépiniériste – The professional who ‘gives birth’ to the vines by grafting, assembling a rootstock and a graft. These two elements heal together (by stratification) before being planted to develop the first roots. Simply speaking, he grows the plants until they reach the stage where they can be transplanted or marketed.

Le pépiniériste
Le pépiniériste. Photo by instant_shots.

Feutier – This profession is totally related to the French sanctuaries, and the great example here is Feutier from Louvre Sanctuary. His mission is to watch over the millions of candles burning in the sanctuary. He also deals with stock management, emptying trays and burners. You can imagine there are just a few job offers available as this profession is very niche yet existing in France.

Feutier. Photo by

Goûteur d’eau – As for perfumers, Evian and Volvic are also entitled to their testers, called “water tasters”. Water companies are calling for the water tasters to control and improve their products. These professionals are like oenologists do for wine. They must analyse the gustative, olfactory and visual qualities of the waters before they are put on sale in bottles or dispensed at the tap. 

Goûteur d’eau
Goûteur d’eau. Photo by

Cognac Distiller – The professional who is a real alchemist. His role is to sublimate the wine in brandy, concentrating the aromas. Its status takes many forms: a traditional boiler or a distiller by profession.

Cognac Distiller
Cognac Distiller. Photo by

La viticultrice ou le viticulteur – The viticulturist ensures the planting and renewal of the vines. She / he also will also ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the vine until its harvest.

La viticultrice ou le viticulteur
La viticultrice ou le viticulteur. Photo by instant_shots.

Le fromager / la fromagère  – The cheesemonger is a dairy technician in the food industry. He / she provides all or part of the operations necessary for the transformation of milk into cheese: culture of ferments, ripening, filtering. It is also a local shopkeeper. This profession is usually passed from one generation to another.

Le fromager _ la fromagère
Le fromager. Photo by

La Parfumeuse/ le Parfumeur – There is only a handful of “noses” in the world. It is truly a job concentrated in France and Switzerland and one that requires the ultimate amount of skill with precious and other-worldly creativity.

La Parfumeuse_ le Parfumeur
La Parfumeuse. Photo by

Le Pâtissier – The pastry chef takes care of the pastries, desserts, breads and other baked goods production from A to Z: he prepares the dough, the filling, supervises the cooking and creates the decoration. In a laboratory or in the kitchen, respecting the recipes or being creative, the pastry chef exerts his talents as a glacier, chocolate maker or caterer.

Le Pâtissier
Le Pâtissier. Photo by

Le Tonnelier – Formerly called “barrel carpenter”, the cooper manufactures or repairs the wooden barrels used to raise wines and spirits. Partner of the winemaker, his work plays an important role in the development and ageing of wine. A craft that combines tradition and perfectionism.

Le Tonnelier
Le Tonnelier. Photo by

BONUS: unusual jobs found in France but also available in other countries. Can you think of others?

Acousticien – The specialist in noise pollution. His mission is to reduce noise pollution while taking into account the legislation. He may be called upon to think about the design of a building to prevent the risks of noise (upstream). The acoustic profession is part of the engineering field.

Acousticien. Photo by

Vitrailliste – The master of colors and light. The stained-glass designer creates original models according to his inspiration or at the request of a client, or restores the stained-glass windows of religious buildings. He works most often in the workshop, but he may also have to carry out repairs directly on the spot in a church.

Vitrailliste. Photo by

Contrôleur laitier– The dairy controller measures the individual production of animal milk and provides technical and economic support to the farmer in the management of his stock (cows, ewes, goats, etc.).

Contrôleur laitier
Contrôleur laitier. Photo by

Souscripteur – The specialist who works for an insurance company. His mission is to analyse risk management. He decides whether the company should insure his client or not against the risks involved.

Souscripteur. Photo by

Actuaire –  The specialist in statistical calculations for insurance. He participates in business development especially on the technical level. He defines the rules and pricing scale and their profitability. The actuary also plays a major role in the decision to accept a contract, share the risks in co-insurance or reinsure the risk with another insurance company.

Actuaire. Photo by

So did I inspire you by presenting the jobs which exist only in France? Does any of those jobs make you want to change the qualifications and settle in France? Or even better, does any of those jobs make you want to introduce it in other countries? Lastly, I would like to ask you to share with me any other specific jobs you heard about that exist only in particular country…France, Poland, England etc. Let’s all get inspired even mo[:]


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