Update Your Wardrobe This Spring On A Budget

Update Your Wardrobe This Spring On A Budget

It is a high time, or I would even say we are running late. We should get started to take out our spring style clothes as soon as possible. The spring has officially arrived but most importantly the nice weather is showing off. The sun is shining shyly, its chilly sometimes, its warm more often; there is a bit of rain, some dull days, some sunny days. We need to be prepared for any occasion and winter clothes are not enough!cher-horowitz-clueless-nothing-to-wear

I love this time of the year, when I have a chance to change the wardrobe as the new season arrives. I always start with packing all the previous season clothes, hiding them away; and I am bringing to the front the new season clothes! Then I do realize I need few adjustments to my wardrobe. I easily can find a new reason for shopping, can I not?

But lets get started properly. Let me give you some tested and useful tips on how to update your wardrobe this spring and how not to spend too much money. Could that be possible? Oh, yes with a ShopaholicFromHome it is! Cause as much as I love shopping I also love saving many and any bargain I can get!

Here you are my Top 10 Tips on How You Can Get Your Spring Wardrobe Refreshed with Little Spend:

  1. Check your last season clothing and make a selection. Check what is in a good condition. Save what you like the most, share what can still be used, get rid of useless things! Be strong and assertive, don’t leave things you don’t need..as there will come a reward!
  2. Arrange with your friends a nice girly afternoon and exchange your clothes with them. I am sure they will love the idea.  I can imagine they also have many good clothes but they would love some new dress, top, trousers, bag…and having too many of them is not good. Therefore, you can suggest to them an Exchange Idea! Maybe there will be the dress you have seen them wearing and you  liked very much. You might get it in the exchange proccess.

    Exchaning Clothes

  3. Save some clothes and sell them online. I don’t need to say obvious things. There is amazon.com, ebay.co.uk, preloved.co.uk just to name few! There is also play.com and ASOS marketplace. It’s a great idea to get additional money which you can use for new clothes!Sell Your Clothes
  4. When extending your Spring wardrobe you can start from searching for used items. The best place for this would be charity shops,  amazon, EBay, Preloved, even local services and newspapers.
  5. Maybe a bit of crazy idea…but why not to design some clothing, then to do some sewing, in case you know how to do it. It’s a best way to get relaxed, get the Spring clothing that no one else has and also do it cheaper then in a shop. In case you don’t know how to sew, you could really visit a dressmaker but then it will not be cheaper at all. You will still get the unique clothes but you will not save money, I am afraid. The dressmaking services are pretty expensive in the UK.
  6. So get ready for online shopping! Finally! Firstly visit some voucher code websites to find the latest deals, discounts and vouchers for your beloved shops. I would suggest here my fav ones: vouchercodes.co.uk and myvouchercodes.co.uk
  7. Make sure you are signed up to the newsletters and blogs RSS feeds from your favourite shops. They will always share some tips on how to get your wardrobe cheaper; what s hot at the moment, what the celebrity styles are and how you can get them from their shops. But most importantly you will be informed about the sale that is about to come and you can even get exclusive voucher codes as their customer.
  8. Go out shopping. Make the online research and get cheap clothes but also go to the shopping centre. In each shop you can find a section with a Sale Items. You can find your gems there…

    Going Out Shopping

  9. Have a birthday near the time….you can make a wishlist of the clothes you want. I am lucky enough to be an April birthday girl so I requested a best handbag ever! Thank you sister!
  10. Lastly but most importantly, if you don’t need something, leave it in a shop and walk away. You don’t need any junk items in your house. Be wise and clever when shopping. If you struggle to make decision or say ‘no’ to something;  ask your friend for advice.

And most seriously speaking…don’t get stressed but enjoy the whole experience of updating your Spring wardrobe as much as your budget allows you and as much as you are wise not to get cluttered.

Keep Calm and Buy More Clothes

Look good, feel great! Save money and enjoy shopping! This is going to favourite Motto! Hope you like it…


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