Tips For Lyon!

My Top Tips For Lyon:

My Top Tips For Lyon

  • Purchase the Lyon City Card. You can buy it online and get 10% off or in the Lyon Tourist Office at the Place Bellecour or Vieux Lyon for €22 or €32 or €42. You will get unlimited access to almost all museums, tours, transport in Lyon.
  • Save on the transport in Lyon. Make the most of the tickets fares for the bus, tube, trams. Depending on how long you are staying in Lyon, you can consider buying the Lyon City Card for a day, two or three. The very good deal is the all-day ticket which costs €5.10. For a long stay consider buying carnet of 10 tickets or monthly bus pass which you have to buy for the first time in the TCL Office and you need for this: your photo and confirmation of the address. Also note: single ticket is cheaper to be bought in the machine and ideally in a form of carnet, otherwise it’s a bit more expensive when bought in the bus. Important: buying from the machine you need a bank card or coins! It does not accept notes.
  • Pay attention to kids holidays in France. The timetable for transport changes when schools are closed so plan your journey well – find a bus/metro/tram around you and it’s hours.
  • Use the Vélo’v System for the cheaper and hassle free commuting and sightseeing in Lyon.
  • Use  the voucher code websites to find a good discount. For example:  Reducavenue which is especially dedicated to Lyon and the customers driven called Dealabs.
  • Experience the Lyonnais Best Cuisine. In order to pay less, consider choosing the Set Menus: pay for 3 courses as little as 14.9 Euro; Check: serve you a meal for less than 20 Euro for more ideas.
  • Pay attention to the timing if you want to eat out at lunch in Lyon, the French restaurants usually stop serving at 2pm.
  • Bear in mind that all shops are closed on Sundays (only some local supermarkets like casino will be open but again only till noon). Banks are not open on Mondays and usually close at 17.00 so to visit them you have only Saturdays morning. Many shops, services (post office!) take two hours break during week days. They are usually closed 12 – 14.00. Very inconvenient!
  • Get a local deal with Groupon – Use this group buying website but pay attention to T&C for availability  (you need to book) and how long is it valid.
  • Discover Cultural Lyon Cheaper –  Lyon Culture Website.
  • Consider Getting Cards with some discounts. I use the most
    • La Carte Musée; cost: 20 € for a year (free for under 18, homeless, handicapped etc). You can buy it at any museum which is included in the deal; you would need a photo of yourself.
    • Le Pass’Culture; cost: €16 and you can use it to attend 4 shows at the following locations: Auditorium de Lyon, Opéra de Lyon, Théâtre des Ateliers, Théâtre des Célestins, Nuits sonores (1/2 tariff appliqué), Institut Lumière, Théâtre de l’Elysée, Périscope, Théâtre Guignol de Lyon.
    • La CarteD which is only and FREE for students.
    • Le Pass Culturel Kiblind; cost:€50 for a year and you can use it 15 times in one of the following places: La Renaissance, Le Nouveau Théâtre du 8e, Les Ateliers, Le Toboggan, L’Iris, Le Théâtre Nouvelle Génération, Le Comœdia, Le Zola, L’Institut, Lumière, Le Clacson, Le Hot Club de Lyon, Le Marché Gare, L’Amphiopéra, L’Épicerie Moderne, L’Institut d’art contemporain. You can buy it online at Kiblind Website.
    • L’auditorium in Lyon; cost: €72.00 for a year for free entrance to about 50 shows. You can buy it online at their website.
    • Carte ONL; cost: €15 for a year and it provides you with the discount of 30% across all the shows plus you get invites for the exclusive events. You can buy it here
    • Get even more discounts on Things To Do in the Rhone Alps Area – TIPTOP Card. It’s Free for everyone!
  • Choose the alternative accommodation option and dine at home (cheaper): Nightswapping or use the most comprehensive hotel booking website – in Lyon. Cheaper way of staying in Lyon.
  • Save on your travel to Lyon: check for the latest deals and discounts available on the SNCF website and the 10 Euro tickets via Ouigo. Check low cost airlines. Consider other airports: Grenoble and Saint Etienne airports instead of Lyon-Saint Exupéry (LYS) with more connections and cheaper flights.
  • Buy at 2 Euro Shops which are located at the  Terreaux Place and the Victor Hugo Street
  • For other reasonable shopping in Lyon (as France is so expensive) I recommend Maxi Bazaar and Hema if you are moving in, decorating flat. They are cheaper and easy to find – Rue de la République. There is Ikea but outside Lyon. For a good clothes shopping during the whole year I say – PRIMARK is a winner, i don’t need anything else 😉
  • Remember about 2 big seasons for sale in France. They get up to 70% off, last 5-6 weeks. The summer sale starts usually at the end of June and the winter one at the beginning of January. Don’t miss out!
  • Use the free Public Toilets provided by ONLYLyon! For example the ones at Bellecour Square and Vieux Lyon Metro Station are free to use (clean and looked after)
  • Save on car parking. It’s very difficult to park in Lyon. There are plenty to choose from parking places and off street parking slots but for an hour you will need to pay about 2 Euro and it’s always crowded! You can also check out for available parking places here.
  • Sunday FREE off street parking but it’s very hard to find an empty parking spot in the Lyon centre during weekends.
  • Leave your car in the Gare De Vaise Metro Station and use the public traffic. You won’t pay for the parking but tube ticket only, see here.
  • Save money on lunches. There are plenty of picnic spots for picnic, check here for my favourite ones.
  • Get to airport easily not cheaply. Well, so far I don’t have good news here. The best is The Rhône Express the tramway that connects the Lyon city center, from Lyon Part-Dieu station, to Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport in just 30 minutes. Fast, efficient, very expensive. Book online, it’s cheaper, one way ticket: 13,50 € ( otherwise 15); return ticket: 24,50 € ( otherwise 26 €). If you travel with more people you can call a taxi.The average prices to Lyon Part-Dieu cost about 40/45€ day time and 55/60€ night. For more information check here. Good but think about traffic. which is a serious problem when going to the airport. Lastly – very cheap but very unreliable – carpooling. This is just 2 euros in one direction. Choose from Covoiturage or Vadrouille-covoiturage.
  • There is a direct cheap bus from BellecourLine 132 to go to the most beautiful village of France called Perouges so within 1h10 you can be there for a great trip out of Lyon. On top of that it costs only 2 Euros!
  • Cheap trips to French Alps from Lyon if you don’t have a car and want to do skiing it is called Skimania. So you get on a bus in the morning and coming back in the evening or stay for a weekend. It’s very convenient, you get a guide, you can book equipment, you meet people. Cool and not expensive. Check for more details here.
  • Experience Funicular up to the Fourviere. Good fun and it’s in the price of metro ticket or pay just 2 euro for a boat taxi Confluence -Vaise called Vaporetto, to travel and see Lyon differently.


My Top Tips For Lyon
My Top Tips For Lyon

So it’s all for now. I will try to update it with the new tips so please if you know any, share in the comments below or get in touch with me. THANK YOU LOADS!

My Top Tips For Lyon


16 thoughts on “Tips For Lyon!

  1. What a brilliant website. Hugely informative. We plan to come to Lyon in September and already feel confident about the visit.

  2. Hi there 🙂 I am visiting Lyon (from South Africa) for 3 nights after a ski trip to Les Arcs. I am arriving in Lyon on the afternoon of 03 Feb and it is a sunday. You mentioned shops being closed…does that also apply to restaurants, coffee shops and food vendors?

    1. Hello David! Thanks for stopping by. Just to confirm: you will not be hungry in Lyon! Almost all food places, restaurants are open on Sunday, however, you need to remember and respect eating hours of French people. Lunch will be served only between 12.00-14.00. Have great fun and check out my post about bouchons- typical lyonnais restos and their specialties.

  3. Hi, we are planning to stay for 3 nights in a flat in old Lyon but we need a single bed size foam mattress or sleep pad. Any idea where we could get one?


  4. I agree that Lyon is a beautiful, grand city with some great sights, yes. Extremely livable if you’re a resident, I would imagine.
    But not particularly international or accommodating, as I have found over the past week. Taxi drivers can be sarcastic and unpleasant; cafés and restaurants seem to cater exclusively to locals and groups. Basic English is often a major struggle, even among young people (??… and I’m guessing German is out of the question ;-).
    Come on Lyon; this is 2019! Tourism is big business and most parts of Europe including eastern Europe have made an effort to up their game — Paris visibly so. Not all of us visitors who come here to spend our hard-earned cash have lived and studied in France, or know exactly how things work in this city. We really deserve better.

    1. Hello Dayne, thanks for sharing your feedback. I am very very sorry to hear you had such an experience in Lyon. Indeed, I live here but my French is not good yet and so far I have been able to communicate almost everywhere in English. About German, I am not sure also. However, French people learn this language. ONLYLYON organization is doing a lot for tourism. They have very good tourist center in Bellecour where they advise in many languages and help out. As for the restaurants, so well, I appreciate they have mostly local and very authentic atmosphere. That is why I prefer it to Paris where you have everything very international and you lose the spirit of a French feel. The local bouchons are very authentic, lively and maybe not as standard places to eat as you got used to, however, it is an experience to have. . So, I would highly recommend to come back to Lyon and get the proper tourist experience because the city is beautiful and welcoming!

  5. Hi! My husband and I will be visiting Lyon later this month thru early September. We’re super excited about the visit but I, at least, am kind of nervous too because this will be our first time in France. I speak some French (and the husband knows a few basic phrases) but am still worried that I won’t be able to communicate — or rather, that the Lyonnaise won’t want to talk to me because of this! You’ve already helped to reassure me some, though, so thanks for this site very much. And I have one question: is it customary to tip service people (like restaurant servers or taxi drivers), and about how much? Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for your message. It is great to hear you are coming to Lyon. Yes, do not worry, people in Lyon are very nice and more and more can speak English. Still, try to use the French as this is a great way to practice and be sure, the French will appreciate your efforts. But, I notice that more and more French like to speak and practice their English. About the tips, well actually, the service is included so there is no custom of giving a tip. However, if you wish you can always leave a small tip. Enjoy your stay in Lyon!

        1. Hi again! Update: we returned from Lyon a few days ago and had a WONDERFUL time. You couldn’t have been more right about everything! The people were so kind and hospitable to us, without exception, the food and wine were some of the best we’ve ever had, it is a beautiful city — very easy to get around by foot; we walked everywhere, and very safe. Vraiement, Lyon est une ville merveilleuse!

          1. Hi Jenzi, thanks for such a wonderful feedback. I am very happy to hear this is more and more people who discover and share a passion for our wonderful Lyon. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi,Aga,as for now I am preparing for my visit to Lyon in October and acquiring info. Luckily, I found your site. It is wonderful – very well organized and UNDERSTANDABLE – which is not always the case with some other info sites.
    I heard a lot about your favorite city and hope to fall in love with it too.
    All the best.

  7. Hi, Aga, you write that a day City card costs 5.10. On their site it is about 25 euro.Or are they different cards? Where do I buy a day transport card?

    1. Hi Bella, thanks for noticing this. Indeed the city card 5.10 refers to the daily ticket for transport. The City Card Lyon which gives the entries to many monuments and Lyon’s touristic activities cost 25 euros. Enjoy your stay!

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