Is Aix Les Bains Worth Visiting?

Shall I go or shall I stay? Shall I visit Aix Les Bains or Shall I give it a miss?

Well, I am usually very enthusiastic about every trip I take. I am also very optimist person who tries to find good sides in every situation that is why I am a bit puzzled here. Ok, Aix Les Bains has a lot of charm and one can really like it.Is Aix Les Bains Worth Visiting Drawing For me it was just OK, nothing that exciting drew my attention when I was visiting Aix Les Bains itself but I know there are many people who love this town. Yet, I still enjoyed my day trip from Lyon to Aix Les Bains and I will tell you why…

  • Because you can easily find a good place to eat well. I found a nice & easy to install place next to the Tourism Office and parking. So if you are hungry just once you got to Aix Les Bains go straight there. They have Plat du Jour Formula which is not expensive. They give tap water without problems and fresh bread. The dishes are really tasty! What you have to watch out is that in France all the restaurants serve lunch just until 2pm! Did you know that?
  • Because people are very nice. I will tell you this. They welcome us in the Tourism Office very nicely. The restaurant staff was also great. I know it’s their job but this is not all. Citizens happily show the directions (as I am always lost! Well not really but I don’t like maps I love to stop people and talk to them)… and many people took photos for me so I so very happy.Relaxing Aix Les Bains
  • Because the town is so quiet and calm (or did I get there on a wrong day?) Aix Les Bains was not crowded. There was actually very nice atmosphere as relaxing and without any rush I enjoyed it!Aix Les Bains Feature
  • Because Casino Grande Cercle is stunning. Truly, beautiful of the building outside and inside. You could go inside and gamble or you could go inside to admire the old part only. I am not a gambler so I stayed on a safe side….yet very beautiful!
    In Casino Aix Les Bains
    In Casino Aix Les Bains
    In Casino Aix Les Bains
    In Casino Aix Les Bains


    Because it has Lake Bourget! And here another story starts…I am going to write more about Lake Bourget as it is beautiful and definitely worth a visit!

    Le Lac du Bourget
    Le Lac du Bourget
  • Because it’s near Le Mont Revard for a spectacular view. Been & seen and can recommend! The Revard is the first ski resort created in France. With its flamboyant history, the Revard has retained its charm and authenticity. At the top of Mount Revard, you will get the amazing view of the entire Alpine range, Mont Blanc, and Lake Bourget. It is 1500 m high so …take a car although I have seen many brave people cycling there!

    View from Belveder du Revard
    View from Belvedere du Revard
  • Because of the shopping! It is very reasonable as there are not many shops yet they are quite interesting. Because there are no only the standard top high street shops but also there are many posh boutiques with super (expensive!) hats and handbags as those naturally drew my attention…so it is nice to walk and admire.
  • Because parking is not that expensive and in the center. Because toilets are free!
  • And lastly most importantly because of the spa! Aix-les-Bains specializes in rheumatology and ENT treatments. The resort also knows how to combine the therapeutic benefits of the water.  So you can discover Thermes Aix Les Bains here and find out what the balneotherapy treatments are here. Enjoy your spa therapy treatments in Aix Les Bains swimming pools, sauna and hammams. There is a very big choice!

Visit Aix Les Bains

So yes, it was a very good trip from Lyon when I visited Aix Les Bains. But I would not say this is my best place to visit in France and near Lyon. I think I would have a different opinion if I tried one of their spas or thermes but I missed out on this. I planned more things to do on the way to Aix Les Bains that I didn’t have time to try out their spa treatments. This is a real shame as Aix Les Bains is truly a spa town. So I guess I need to come back…what do you think?  


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