Check. Lyon is truly beautiful! Did you know that?

My Favourite Photos of Lyon. Because Lyon is truly beautiful and if you didn’t know that I want to give you a chance to see it. Otherwise, please share your favorite photos of Lyon with me!

The longer I live in Lyon, the more I truly love it and strange enough: the longer I live in Lyon, the more new things I discover about it and France. It’s strange because by now (after all the activities I did, all the readings I have done,  all the conversations I did have) I should have known all and be a bit tired of the city. Yet I m not and nothing shows I will be…

So I was thinking I have a duty to present you Lyon and share its beauty. And I was thinking even more and figured out that the best way to do it is by showing you my favourite photos of Lyon in Spring almost Summer time, from my best spots in Lyon and from my beloved as I call himpersonal photographer’…yet he is much more than that and he is also a real Lyonnais passionate about Lyon…Instant Shots.

So here I would love to take the opportunity  to say a big thank you to him aka Instant Shots for all the photos here is taking, for all the patience he has, for all good moments we experience while exploring France …but not for the singing and terrible laugh he has (sorry I became honest person here).

This is how Lyon is beautiful

Anyway I know there will be more coming and in the meantime enjoy beautiful Lyon. Visit, considering to move & live in Lyon,  continue exploring France and get in touch with any feedback,  question, idea you have. I love your little comments and discovering new things about Lyon and also all the things so Lyonnais….like here. OK. All for now just tell me which is your favorite spring, summer photo of Lyon?

My Favorite Top Photos of Lyon

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Source: All photos by Instant Shots and jadorelyon

By the way, Instant Shots is not a professional photographer, I’m not a professional blogger but we are professional in loving Lyon and sharing this passion for Lyon, France, and Everything French. So for all the mistakes, I make I  want to apologize.  But I’m not perfect, I try to be good enough and that’s why I’m happy here in Lyon.




I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it...

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