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 Here it is All About Me – A Polish Girl Who Felt In Love With Lyon, France & Everything French

My name is Aga and I am a Polish Girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! So I left UK, Poland and moved here to France to explore Lyon and everything what is French. I have too much love for Lyon and I share my passion for it & France & Discovering New Things on my blog and in everyday life!

So, Jadore Lyon but also few other things…

in love with lyon

  • Jadore Travelling so visiting France and other countries but mostly experiencing different cultures, mentalities, and habits of other nations.
  • Jadore Things To Do in Lyon and Around. I love to take part in different cultural events, going for trips, days out around. staying
  • Jadore  Lists because I have too many ideas per minute and I am getting too creative/weird/ strange/ hyperactive very often. So I like to keep it all organized, ‘short&sweet’ and I keep all my Top Things in bullet points
  • Jadore  Everything French so learning something new every day about French lifestyle, French people, French food, French language and sharing my observations and things that amaze me
  • Jadore staying happy & thinking positive, I like to laugh out of myself & French. I am sure you will notice this in my articles and I hope you will like my style of writing which is…few spelling mistakes (i try to write quicker than I think!), photos taken by my Personal Photographer (aka ‘fake boyfriend’ – a man who does not exist in social media! And good for him!) with my personal touch.
  • Lastly but most importantly I truly Jadore Lyon & France and everything what is French. Well except of Paris! I am sorry but honestly even if the city is so wonderful it’s over- rated! Whereas Lyon is a magnificent place in France, still not properly discovered, authentic with really warm and welcoming Lyonnais people..bouchons, traboules, Vieux Lyon (dont get me started!)…see more here


Now, professionally, I have worked in various, mainly international, teams in different jobs and roles all over the world: in the US, UK, Poland, as well as during projects at school, and university. I love working within performance marketing, online space, social media. I am passionate about online marketing, blogging, tourism & LYON and cannot stop creating new ideas. That is why I used to contribute to the Team at Pixabay and GirlsTakeLyon. I worked at TripFinder, Vouchercodes website, affiliate networks, online gaming/gambling companies etc I am not a professional blogger but I set up this small blog as I have unlimited ideas and unlimited skills I would love to develop while learning French!

…… So if you would you like to join me in the adventure to explore Lyon and France from the perspective of the Polish girl who is very curious and love to explore, who on top of that all loves shopping, movies, trips & activities & things to do, who loves baking & taking a lot of photos; a girl who has too many ideas per minute, then keep an eye on my blog and even better sign up here  for  ‘sweat and short’  news from me!

Check out on what I have been up to on my jadorelyonJadoreLyonByAga Facebook and jadorelyon twitteralso jadorelyon pinterest and instagram. I am also here at jadorelyon google plus. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on aga@jadorelyon.com! I would love to hear from you!

And now, if you like the photos I use on my blog, check out Instant-Shots here for more very good (yet different) pictures! Other graphics and photos if not taken by Instant-Shots, I collect from pixabay (great website, great developers!)

Bises … beaucoup & beaucoup! And dont forget to join me here.


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