So I woke up one morning very early and had a look at my previous Shopaholicfromhome website.

I missed posting on there very much and I asked myself why i did I stopped. Well, it is just I got distracted from online shopping (even though i haven’t stopped doing it;-) but I got involved in different stage of my life…meaning. I realized that after spending over 7 years in London, I lived in Krakow for some time, and I have just moved to France, Lyon. I think I have found my place in the world finally. It is somewhere from home….like my shopaholic passion but this home has now and finally been located and it is in Lyon. I do agree…

Your Home Is Where Your Heart Is….

So now comes the part that I might disappoint you. I am not only about online shopping anymore. I am now dedicated to exploring Lyon in France, the way French people live, the way the French people are; the beautiful and unique town of Lyon, the fact that I do not speak French yet. I got so many observations, so many funny, surprising, sad, happy thoughts and even more photos which I… J’ADORE taking 😉

So would you like to join me in my adventure to explore France (sign up here) from the perspective of the Polish girl who once lived in the UK, come from a little village in Poland, who still love shopping in all forms but now she is motivated to:

  • learn French
  • eat cheese, frogs’legs, snails, croissants, quenelle and more…
  • try not to be killed on the roads (when French drive)
  • visit more of France
  • get to know Lyon by heart
  • try and understand French
  • enjoy taking my photos
  • make some French & international friends

So Join Me here & Discover More About Lyon, France & Everything French

It is really so exciting and exotic for me as I have never known French, I have never understood French mentality but

J’adore France & Lyon & French people so far….

By the way…do you like the photos I use on my blog? Well, as much as I love to take photos, I like to play with them editing and changing. So I prefer to do and taking photos I leave for others…for example Instant – Shots! He is providing me with almost all photos I use on my blog! So if you like them and want to discover even more very good yet different photos check out Instant-Shots here!  A Big Thank you to Instant – Shots!