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My Compact Resource to Explore Lyon & FranceAs I am a proper Shopaholic and an Internet Addict and on of top of that I am simple girl who just could not help it and felt in love in France & French and the wonderful city of Lyon, I have already gathered a lot of useful websites, services, cool blogs and interesting fact about Lyon and France. Those have helped me a lot when I am exploring and settling in Lyon, I really think it’s a Very Useful Stuff About Lyon and France and that is why I wanted to share them with you. So far I collected the following, I will be building the list following my new experiences in France. But if you also have any good suggestions about good sites, blogs, services, groups which we can all use, please let me know as I would love to try them out as well!

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Relaxed and Settled in Lyon

Lyon on a budget

15 Top Tips To Visit Lyon On The Budget

Free Tiptop Card to Enjoy Rhone Region Cheaper

Top 25 Free Things to do in Lyon

Getting to and from Lyon

SNCF train travel

Saint Exupéry Airport

Airport Rhonexpress shuttle-tram

Happy and Settled in Lyon
Happy and Settled in Lyon

How to Commute in Lyon

Public transport network (TCL)

Bike share (Vélo’v)

Car sharing (Bluely)

Taxi Lyon

The best online magazines about France in EnglishThe Connexion

Events in Lyon: Monweekend and CityLyon Crunch and GirlsTakeLyon

The Best Picnic Spots in Lyon

The Best Markets in Lyon

Knowing Lyon Well and Loving itTo get the best voucher code in France

To get the best cashback and the best voucher code in France

To get the best group deal in France, Lyon

For Your Online Shopping Priceminister – the price comparison website

To save on your shopping – Bonial – the collection of catalogs with the latest offers from the local shops

Experience Lyonnais Cuisine Your Lyonnais Cookbook in English

For socializing in Lyon – English/French Speaking

Conversation exchange – Franglish and Meetup groups Lyon

To get others opinion & reviews: Yelp Lyon and Tripadvisor

For staying active and fit

Run along the Saône

Ride around the city on a Velo’v

Go for a swim

The ‘Petit Announcements’ in France: Le Bocoin and Paru Vendu and Annonces

For finding a doctor in Lyon: (so useful as you can book an appointment straight away). When you are in a need of the psychologist, I know it’s very difficult to find a good one, yet I was lucky enough and now I can highly recommend – a very experienced, very good and affordable one (really, just ask). It is Madame Maria Borucka – Bayon –  she is a Pole who lives in Lyon and speaks Polish, French, and English.


Plan your visit to Lyon

Your 3 days in Lyon


The ideal souvenirs from Lyon

Lyon city tour

Lyon by boat

Car sharing (Bluely)

Rhône-Alpes region

Lyon City Greeter 


ANGLOInfo Lyon

Expat Blog

Expat Exchange




Just landed…in France



Education – Lyon University and Students Life – Lyon Campus

BONUS: About Cheese and About Wine

EVEN BIGGER BONUS: My Free Resources I created for you:

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    1. To ja dziekuje! Wielu Polaków oraz Francuzów (a chyba rowniez anglo – jezycznych mieszkancow Lyonu i okolic) powinno wiedziec, gdzie moga znalezc swietna pomoc, wsparcie w Lyonie. Ja mialam wielkie szczescie poznac Pania i bardzo chetnie polece innym.

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