Guided tours in Lyon

Why would you choose a guided tour when visiting France and Lyon?

Discover the best and the most interesting guided tours and activities in Lyon and find out why should you choose them?

I love traveling, doing sightseeing, taking part in activities. And all of that I like to do especially on the budget. Therefore, I have been exploring Lyon and France using only a few guided tours and organized trips as you obviously need to pay for them. However, I have never been disappointed when choosing an organized and paid activity in Lyon, while participating in an organized trip and visit in Lyon and France. Why? Because at the end of the day, there are many benefits of choosing a guided tour and activity when visiting France and Lyon. Let me share with you my top observations on why the guided tours are so beneficial, useful and great to choose when visiting France and Lyon. 

Why to visit Lyon with the guide. Find the best and the most interesting guided tours in Lyon. _

I would recommend choosing a guided tour or activity when visiting Lyon because:

  • They are the most efficient and time-saving way to visit any place in France and Lyon. 
  • Many of the guided tours in Lyon offer a very unusual, quirky, unforgettable experience you can think of. 
  • When you are taking part in a guided tour or activity in Lyon, you can meet people and don’t feel too lonely if you are in the city alone.
  • You can practice speaking different languages and French. The guided tours usually consist of international people.
  • Many of the guided tours in Lyon are theme-oriented which means you can easily choose the one that is related to your interests and likes.
  • Many of the guided tours in Lyon save your legs! As strange as it sounds, this is actually true because there are very interesting guided tours by buses, bikes, little buses, etc
  • Thanks to the guided tours, you can get real and practical tips from locals, many of which you will never find the guidebooks. You can count on their recommendations on the places to eat, and Lyonnais specialities to taste.
  • And lastly, for me, you can even save money. Again, as strange as it sounds, because you need to pay for your guided tour so you need to spend money, you actually can save it. How is it possible? Because this money is being spent wisely. Once you choose to pay, you get the whole package and you save on transport, guidebook, maps, time and with the local tips, you avoid many expensive mistakes you can make when visiting a new place. Don’t tell me it has never happened to you?

Why to visit Lyon with the guide. Find the best and the most interesting guided tours in Lyon. _

Below is the list of some, not all guided tours in Lyon. You can check them out. You can search for others depending on your preferences and interests. There are no limits when it comes to guided tours, activities, and guided visits in Lyon. Let me know if you like any of them? 

The best and the most interesting guided tours in Lyon.


Have you ever tried any of guided visits when traveling?  What do you think about them? Will you recommend me any? Thanks! 
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