Visit Lyon with a baby.

Have a great holiday in France, in Lyon with a baby. Visit Lyon with a baby stress-free. 

Travelling and visiting France and Lyon with kids is challenging but travelling and visiting France and Lyon with a baby is a super challenging, difficult exercise but possible and rewarding

Visit Lyon with a baby.

Since I live and love Lyon, since I have a baby I was determined to experience visiting Lyon with a baby because firstly I am keen on implementing in my little baby girl the desire to explore, discover, see, admire and appreciate the world around and secondly i am addicted to Lyon….Visiting Lyon, France different ways, new ways, this is what I like. 

But having a baby taught me that there are compromises I need to make and frustrations I’ll have to accept. However, this is not important as the priorities change with the baby and this is the most beautiful new way of living as a family. Challenging but rewarding. Anyways… As I said visiting Lyon with a baby is possible and very enjoyable and here are my ideas for it. 

What to see in Lyon with a baby 

What to see in Lyon with a baby - park de la tete dor

This is difficult for me as I would love to see so many places in Lyon with a baby. I love Lyon and I love my baby. But you have to make the compromise here on not to overdo your experience in Lyon with a baby. So if i can suggest you my fav things to see in Lyon with a baby, these are :

  • Les berges du Rhône for a nice walk with a baby in Lyon
  • Fourvière but not Vieux Lyon. Fourvière is an unmissable place in Lyon to see so show it to your baby. However, even if it’s located near my beloved Old Lyon, I would not recommend visiting Vieux Lyon with a baby. The payment in this historical area of Lyon is completely not adapted for pushchairs. 
  • District of Confluence is an ideal part of Lyon for a nice walk with a baby by the river, for a good for shopping in the confluence big shopping center in Lyon and it offers the best museum in Lyon to visit – musée des confluence. I visited this museum in Lyon with a baby, and we enjoyed it. It’s big and very spacious, with a lot of space for a pushchair. 
  • Le Parc de la Tête d’Or it is my favorite place to visit with a baby in Lyon. I can’t recommend it more. Its unmissable place for a visit to Lyon with a baby. 
  • Aquarium de Lyon. I can recommend it for a super experience to have in Lyon with a baby. I checked it out with my baby and really enjoyed it. However, I recommend going there with a baby carrier rather than a pushchair. 
  • Etc… 

Where to eat in Lyon with a baby

Where to eat in Lyon with a baby

  • Breakfast at Jocteur Ile Barbe. Sorry, this is my top choice for baguettes and viennoiserie in Lyon. You will be totally impressed with the taste and the place. Ile Barbe is a charming spot in Lyon worth visiting, I promise. Address: 5, Place Henri Barbusse, 69009 Lyon, Tel : 04 78 83 98 35
  • I am not a brunch person but if you like to have a brunch with a baby in Lyon, I heard about Mama Shelter. For those who do not know this brand, these are very trendy hotels and restaurants, with a quirky design.  They offer so-called  ‘all-you-can-eat brunch’. It apparently offers a good choice and it’s a good quality brunch. Address: 13, Rue Domer, 69007 Lyon, Tel:
  • Lunch with a baby in Lyon. The choice here, in Lyon, to go out and eat with a baby is big and still growing. Lyon is the capital of gastronomy so it has the responsibility to offer good food to everyone. Let me share with you my 3 top addresses to eat out with a baby in Lyon. If you know others and can recommend I would appreciate it. 
    • The Ka’fête ô mômes is a family café where you can eat, relax, play, read with your children, participate in workshops, birthdays or come with your family to themed evenings! Address: 53 rue de la Montée de la Grande Côte 69001 Lyon, Tel : 04 78 61 21 79
    • Monplaisir Côte Cour – A restaurant for parents with its real playroom for children and its kids’ menus at very affordable prices. Address: 64 avenue des Frères Lumière 69008 Lyon, Tel: 04 78 75 00 00
    • Café Pimpon. This is a little cafe in the 7th arrondissement. It has been simply designed for children. They have their own corner, with games, toys, and books available for all ages. There is also everything you need to welcome the little ones: high chairs and changing table. However, it’s relatively small so if you are a big family, you need to book it. Address: 16, rue de la Madelein, 69007 Lyon, Tel : 04 72 76 45 84

Bonus. A good address for a dinner with a baby in Lyon. The Mob Hotel, located in the heart of the new Confluence district, on the Lyon peninsula, welcomes the families with a baby for a good quality dinner. Address: 59, quai Rambaud, 69002 Lyon, Tel: 04 58 55 55 88

Where to stay in Lyon with a baby

Where to stay in Lyon with a baby.

Here, I do not have a good experience. Since I live in Lyon, I have never stayed in a hotel, hostel or I have never used Airbnb in Lyon. So I will let you choose yourself a family-friendly accommodation and if you can than share your experience with me that would be great. If you have already some real recommendations for a hotel in Lyon child-friendly, a place to stay in Lyon with a baby, please let me. I will be very grateful too. Thank you. In the meantime, search below for a family-friendly accommodation in Lyon.

How and where to have a quality time with your baby in Lyon

How and where to have a quality time with your baby in Lyon.

Lastly, I gathered the top things to do with a baby in Lyon and I created a quite comprehensive list of activities for a baby in Lyon. Check it out here for some inspirations and ideas to have a quality time with a baby in Lyon. Also, I left there a small bonus for you. 

I hope I convinced you that coming to Lyon with a baby and visiting this beautiful French city is possible and a great experience to have. Let me know if you had an opportunity to visit Lyon yourself… were you visiting Lyon on your own or with a friend or family? What did you like the most? 

All photos in this post have been contributed by instant_shots. Thank you.


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