TOP 5 trips around Lyon with a baby who is not a kid yet! And 3 bonuses!

Check out my list of top 5 trips around Lyon with a baby not a kid yet because this is a totally different experience to have! I have tested them all while enjoying holidays in France near Lyon and I have 3 good bonuses for you too. 

As easy and straightforward as it sounds, finding activities for a baby, not a kid yet in Lyon and around Lyon has been a very challenging task for me, a new mum in Lyon. There are many activities and interesting things to do with kids in Lyon and around Lyon but this is not very relevant to the baby who feels the best in its pushchair, who still sleeps a lot, who needs the strong arms of the parents and changing the nappies very often. TOP 5 trips around Lyon with a baby who is not a kid yet! And 3 bonuses

But it didn’t put me off and didn’t make me stay at home with the baby all day long but motivated me to search, explore and learn from experimenting about visiting Lyon and around Lyon with a baby. 

I managed to put together a list of trips around Lyon to do with a baby below 1 year. I hope you find it useful. 

  1. Day in Annecy with a whole family, baby girl, and a pushchair. 

The trip to Annecy, the beautiful and charming little village with a lake, magnificent landscapes, and a lovely city center was our first proper trip with a little baby. I guess that is why I invited the whole family. We all enjoyed it. Annecy is quite a good place to visit with a baby. There are walking paths, places to sit down. However, the center is quite narrow and there are many tourists always visiting Annecy. We tried the weekday instead of the weekend in Annecy so it was calmer but even though, the restaurants seemed smaller when you have a pushchair. Even or maybe because there are so many of them in Annecy, those restaurants are quite tight, and we were struggling with the pushchair. By the way, if you want to check out more about Annecy, I have already written about why you should visit Annecy.

Visit Annecy around Lyon with a baby
Visit Annecy around Lyon with a baby. Photo by instant_shots.
  1. Annecy is super beautiful but Aix les Bains is also beautiful and a very good place to visit with a baby! 

This time we didn’t actually go inside the city center, but we went to the lake next to Aix Les Bains. We have visited Lake Bourget which is truly beautiful. There are amazing landscapes and it is a super adapted for babies and kids place to visit near Lyon. Why? I loved it as it has a magical footpath for walking with the kids and a pushchair. Because of the trees and nature it looks magical. Because there are many banks where you can sit down, feed your baby and admire the view. Bonus: you can have ice cream while walking and the parking is for free. There are also some fun activities for kids not a baby though. So I look forward to coming back to Lake Bourget as one of the summer trips around Lyon worth doing and I will be testing it when my baby is older. 

Visit Lake Bourget around Lyon with a baby
Visit Lake Bourget around Lyon with a baby. Photo by instant_shots.
  1. Visiting Belvédère du Revard with a baby is possible.

Having a picnic at 1530 m with a magnificent view of Mont Blanc on one side and Lac du Bourget on another side, with a baby and pushchair 😱is doable. However, taking a pushchair there was not the best idea. It’s not worth it. It’s better to take baby carrier. As there are not many places for walking and Belvedere Revard is aimed for stopping and admiring. For this reason I would recommend taking your baby in a proper baby carrier and packing the picnic  blanket. Once we all have seen the stunning panoramas from the viewing points, we laid down the blanket and started the picnic with the breathtaking view. It was magnificent, beautiful and all tasted great. Strong points for visiting Belvédère du Revard are that it’s for free, 1h40mins from Lyon, has magnificent views and spots for picnic. Lastly, you don’t need to have a baby to go there! It’s a spot recommended for anyone who wants to visit a good place near Lyon. 

Visit Belvédère du Revard around Lyon with a baby
Visit Belvédère du Revard around Lyon with a baby. Photo by instant_shots.
  1. Showing your baby Beaujolais can be an idea for a trip around Lyon.

However, plan it well. I thought that since we’re in France, my baby is half French, and so getting my baby familiar with the core French tradition of wine production is a good idea…it’s nice to be growing up with the views of vineyards, fields of grapes… I didn’t know it as a baby. So pack your baby, baby carrier, blanket and go for a trip around Lyon with a baby. Plan it well. I mean prepare your trip with a baby by planning the spots to stop because you don’t want to spend the whole day in the car and admire Beaujolais from the car window and you don’t want your baby to get super bored and uncomfortable. Little stops on the Beaujolais trail with a baby are a great idea. We visited Mont Brouilly and had another stop for a picnic on an open space near vineyards with great panoramas. We also visited Pays du Brouilly to see the stunning landscape of Beaujolais.

Visit Mont Brouilly around Lyon with a baby
Visit Mont Brouilly around Lyon with a baby. Photo by instant_shots.
  1. Visit Oingt with a baby and a pushchair. I love Oingt. It’s a beautiful, charming little Beaujolais town with the golden stones and magnificent landscape of the vineyards. It has some walking paths, so we took a pushchair however baby carrier is a better choice for someone who likes it. I am not a fan of the baby carrier, so I abuse the use of our pushchair and whenever possible I’ll take it. I especially took the time to choose a good pushchair for walking and I bought Jane brand of pushchair with a big amortization system. So it’s really adapted for challenging walking paths. 

    Visit Oingt around Lyon with a baby
    Visit Oingt around Lyon with a baby. Photo by instant_shots.

Bonus Number 1

If you like getting into water and I know that any baby loves the water too. I would recommend going for a trip with a baby to the lake near Lyon called Aiguebelette-le-Lac. I didn’t have the chance to visit this lake near Lyon with a baby, but my friend went there with her family and the 10 months old baby girl. They found a family spot called Plage de Bon Vent, and so they enjoyed the swim near Lyon with a baby. 

Bonus Number 2

A super trip with a baby to the pedagogical farm near Lyon. Visiting a Ferme de Justine – Ferme pédagogique with a baby is a great idea. However, don’t make the same mistake as I did. Don’t take a pushchair with you but baby carrier. It’s definitely worth it. Ferme de Justine next to Lyon is an ideal place to visit with a baby. It’s small and welcoming. It gives you a close look to the farm animals but not only. Your baby and you can observe, touch, approach many animals. You can sit down for a snack, drink or little lunch there. You can use the playground with your baby. You can also buy the local vegetables and eggs which is a great idea when you want to prepare the meals for your baby version bio. As I said pushchairs are a very bad idea to take to the farm near Lyon but a baby carrier is the brilliant choice. 

Bonus Number 3

A selection of the top deals for baby and kids friendly accommodation around Lyon. Choose the days when you want to go for a trip around Lyon, decide on a number of nights (we usually go for a long weekend to enjoy more time away from Lyon and to see more of the Rhone Alpes) and do not forget the option Family Friendly Accommodation.

I hope you are now ready to visit Lyon and around Lyon with a baby below 1 year. 

 Can you add any other ideas for a trip around Lyon, an interesting trip in France with a Baby? Thank you in advance. 


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