5 tips to shop safely online

Feel safe while enjoying your hobby and true passion – shopping! Use 5 tips to shop safely online, sleep well and get the stuff you want!
5 tips to shop safely
5 tips to shop safely online

Being a Shopaholic from home and doing your shopping online can be a tricky task. The last thing we would like to come across is the lost of money, card details and other personal assets.

I always bear in mind that there is a little danger of losing money, getting spam, viruses to hack my information etc when I am making online purchases. But the urge to buy things is bigger that my worries.

Nevertheless it it very important for us to stay alter and careful!

I have just come across this amazing and simple and very useful infographic which presents 5 tips to shop safely online.

  1. Find and use only reliable shopping website and amazon.com seems to be a winner here
  2. Be alter when receiving too good to be true offers into your inbox. Manage your spam filters
  3. Be alter to ads displaying offers which are suspiciously too good to be true and make you click on them. Read & think through and decide on whether you really need it
  4. Double check payment urls and dont give away your personal details too quickly
  5. Use reliable protection software and avoid unwanted ads, spam and viruses

Have a read through, have a look (as there are many pictures) put into practice and never be cheated when doing online shopping!

Easy & quick way of learning how to shop safely!

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 tips to shop safely online
INFOGRAPHIC: 5 tips to shop safely online

Enjoy online shopping safely!


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