I am speechless…Cinque Terre discovered! Learn Why You Should Visit!

I am speechless…Cinque Terre discovered! Learn Why You Should Visit!

When I was mentioning I was going to Florence for holidays all people were saying – You have to visit Cinque Terre – it’s on a way and you cannot miss it. It’s beautiful, magnificent, amazing…stunning…

Cinque Terre Discovered

So yes I knew there is a place in the north Italy that awaits me and it has been a real time and budget struggle to fit it into my trip plans but I made it and I do not regret at all…I overpaid, I had to do additional & last minute bookings but indeed I got to see and experience Cinque Terre and I got speechless…and now I am going to tell you more about them and why you should visit those Cinque Terre as well?


Riomaggiore is the largest of all five charming villages and therefore it has been called as the Cinque Terre’s unofficial capital. It’s one of the most beautiful and spacious town I have seen. It seems less crowded so you can really breathe there in comparison to the other little Cinque Terre villages which are very small. There is a rocky small beach and lovely bay, ideal and used for diving!. There are colourful houses to admire, little charming streets to walk through while searching for a bite to eat or refreshing drink. You can find there botanical garden and bird watching centre which are located on a rocky hill. It’s the closest town to La Spazie so its very convenient to get there quickly!


Manarola– this is my favourite one! It is surrounded by the grapevines and therefore it produces the Cinque Terre wine, Sciacchetrà. Again, you will find there colourful houses, lovely small streets and on top of that the waterfront promenade which is packed with fishing boats. Walk through the Punta Bonfiglio, a short hill which will give you a chance to admire the fabulous views.


Corniglia  – is the third village in the line of Cinque Terre and is situated at the 100m-high rocky promontory. It is also surrounded by vineyards as the previous one but on contrary, it is the only of the Cinque Terre towns which does not have a direct access to the sea. Yes, you cant actually put your feet in the water but you will definitely see the have a chance to admire the tranquil and magnificent sea landscape. Just in order to achieve it you need to climb the high hill from the train station which can be a challenging experience cause it is usually very hot there and there are too many steps to climb. But once you reached the top, the stunning view awaits you, the small water tap as well (it has been extremely useful to access the cold, refreshing and drinkable water!). Finally you start seeing the town, really tiny streets all packed with souvenir shops and cafes and restaurants. They serve really good fish and local specialities, unfortunately they are quite expensive as the prices are touristic and high! But you have little choice, after climbing such a hill, you are thirsty, tired and very hungry! So there is nothing else to do, just to treat yourself and forget about the cost! The view, food and holidays pleasure all are worth it!


Vernazza – village number 4th! It is a small harbour which has the secure landing place. This, together with its Piazza Marconi and sea-facing amphitheatre of pastel houses are the main points of the little charming town. This small but very charming town amazed me with the narrow lanes called caruggi and a real maze of stairs and tiny terraces. As you would expect it is very hot here and therefore tiring but actually in Vernazza I was able to find very refreshing spots …on the starts in the small and cosy streets you can sit down and enjoy the Italian ice cream! So enjoy a bit of breeze, get yourself the Italian Gelato as there are plenty top class, original gelateries to choose and find a nice cool spot with a view of the seaside! Great & relaxing experience indeed!


 Monterosso – the last one but as magnificent as others! It is unique in terms of the view it provides you with – you really have a chance to see the other villages lined up in the beautiful rocky mountains. On top of that Monterosso is the only one Cinque Terre village which has a sandy beach! And following this spirit and seaside atmosphere it has many beach bars and restaurants where you can find local specialities, fresh fish and many colourful & refreshing cocktails to drink! Enjoy the summer spirt! One more thing about the village and a tip really. The Monterosso is also the only one village of Cinque Terry which you actually can access by car. There is a medium size parking…2Euro per hour and it also gives you the daily fares. So if you are coming with the whole family maybe you can consider using the car. Although having said so, bear in mind, that leaving a car in such a heat can cause you a real headache as well…anyway I think having an option to take a car is always useful!

Amazing Cinque Terre

I hope you liked finding out more about this magnificent place in the north Italy! I hope you are now convinced that Cinque Terre are worth your visit and I hope you put them on your list of places to visit for its charming feel, Italian experience, sea and sun & real summer treat! Have a happy wonderful and beautiful trip to Cinque Terre!


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  1. Very colourful and charming villages. You can move to the next village using trains with a daily train pass. Visiting the 5 villages within 1 day is possible if you don’t dawdle in each village…

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