Visit Lyon differently with a bingo night out!

Bingo Night at Casino le Lyon Vert

If you are looking for an alternative night out in Lyon, then the Casino le Lyon Vert might just have what you have been looking for. have a bingo night out(1) If you have tried all the great places to eat, been to the club and bars and are still wanting something to keep you occupied, then the stylish Casino le Lyon Vert might just offer you something not quite quintessentially French, but entertaining nonetheless. Welcome to bingo night! Bingo might not be all that common in France, but it is a game steeped in history that includes visiting these shores. It has its early origins in renaissance Italy, in a game originally called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. It later spread through France before arriving in Germany, Spain and then the UK in the 19th century. The British took the game to heart and even in Spain they still enjoy playing, but it did not find a widespread market here in France.
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That is not to say it is not an enjoyable pastime though and the event here in Lyon is unique in that it mixes bingo with a typical theme. It might be that you turn up to the event to be led to your table by a hostess wearing a Venetian Mask as part of a Venice theme, whilst regular attendees might also turn up in wigs and fancy dress. The bingo night at the Casino le Lyon Vert is fitting for the rather fine surroundings and far removed from the wooden tables and plastic chairs of a typical bingo hall. Casino le Lyon Vert uses the popular 90-ball version of the game, which is one of the most common in the world. A guide to 90-ball bingo by Cheeky Bingo outlines that it is also the most popular choice for online players too, and although other versions do exist, such as 75-ball, the European market is geared towards this particular version. The United States has embraced bingo and tend to lean towards the shorter version, especially during the recent situation where stars such as Matthew McConaughey hosted games for the elderly. With the history of the game here in France, if not the widespread passion, it makes perfect sense to stick to the original as much as possible.
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The themed nights do offer you alternative chances to win, as well as other entertainment too. There is a prize for the best costume and a musical blind test, both offering chances to win anything from free refreshments to free spins on any of the casino’s slot machines later in the night. It is not all about fun and games either; there are stage dancers, music and a show of sorts to enjoy as well. The night is not just about playing bingo, although the main thread holding everything together is based on the game. This is a whole evening experience, a night out that consists of more than dabbing away at bingo cards hoping to win. It is a chance to get out with friends and laugh, love and live, rather than just play games. At four hours long, it offers plenty of value for money and those with the inclination can stick around afterwards and enjoy the casino’s other facilities. Or, if the mood takes you, why not carry on the festivities by heading into the centre of Lyon and dancing the night away?
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We also had the opportunity to visit a casino, amongst other places on a trip to Aix Les Baines. Be sure to check out the experiences and see if a visit might be in order.


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  1. Interesting! I’m from Lyon but I’d never actually considered going to The Casino Le Lyon Vert… I don’t know why… just not a habit as I’ve actually never been to a Casino. It seems worth trying! Thanks for opening my eyes to this option!

    1. Thank you for your message. Me too, I love exploring new places in Lyon and around. The city opens so many opportunities for all of us. Let’s keep sharing and exploring.

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