Child friendly Lyon! Working, eating and having a party with kids in Lyon!

So, in general about agencies who help with childcare, child friendly restaurants in Lyon (the real best of the best) and about attractive for kids festivals in France. Ready?

As I don’t have children myself, it took me some time to write this post yet when I started I could not stop as I realized that Lyon is an ideal place to have kids, bring kids, or enjoy being yourself a kid.  As at the end of the day we are all kids no matter what we do to hide it;-) 

Working, eating and having a party with kids in Lyon! 

Anyways, I have some tips on how to live in France and Lyon having kids. And also I wrote about My Top Places in Lyon for kids (and parents) as well as My Top Places to Visit around Lyon with kids. I hope you like it. I hope it inspires you to do more fun things in Lyon and France. And I hope you can add some more tips on spending time with kids in France as here unfortunately I’m not an expert at all just an observer who pays attention to life around him. And I appreciate your feedback.Child friendly lyon

So, let’s start with some ideas on how to take care of your little ones when you work or need a help with looking after your kids in France and more specifically in Lyon.

Working & Having Kids in France – it is all about good organization and hiring a good helper

Working Mam with kids in Lyon

  • Working half time or/and requesting Wednesdays off because in France kids don’t go to school and parents go to work…it seems like a little problem
  • Facebook Local Parents Groups -sharing childcare with parents and tips and supporting each other
  • After School activities
  • Afternoon Nanny
  • Au Pair
  • Pickup after school services
  • Garde partagee – kids from few families sharing the same Nanny
  • Very useful French and Lyon’s agencies:

Busy Dad with kid in Lyon

Eating well and stress free with kids in Lyon. Child Friendly Restaurants – the best of the best!

La Ka’fête ô mômes – super adapted for kids with toys, games and a lot of security in place. Good quality food bio and seasonal products for eating healthy and well, actually there are 2 in Lyon. P’tite Ka’fête in quai Gillet, in Lyon 4th arrondissement and the main one: La Ka’fête ô mômes. When: Monday till Saturday, from 10am till 6.30pm. How Much: Kids Menu: 7 €, Adults Menu 11-13 € , Where: La Ka’fête ô mômes 53, montée de la Grande Côte 69001 LyonChild friendly restaurants

Mamans Poules is an déal place for parents and kids adapted to all kids ages with toys and games. This place organises also workshops and activities for kids. When: Monday till Saturday, from 9.30 am till 6.30pm, Where: Les Mamans Poules, 11 rue Sainte-Hélène 69002 Lyon

Monplaisir Côté Cour  © Kopines is the restaurant with the same principle as others so good quality food and activities for kids. Very cool offer: Wednesdays and evenings activities for kids, for the adults menu bought, the kid one is offered. Brunch 13 euros – eat as much as you want. And there is also a person who looks after kids. When: Tuesday till Saturday, 12 till 2pm and 7pm till 10pm, Where: Athina 3 rue Romarin 69001 Lyon

Festivals Attractive for Kids so many here and the main ones below:

Top FEstivals For Kids in Lyon

Happy Kids in LYon 1

Lastly, the bonus! Having a calm, enjoyable shopping yourself thanks to those Lyon’s shopping centers with play areas for kids.

Working, eating and having a party with kids in Lyon! (1)


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