Why should you discover wines of Lyon in the Vallee du Rhone?

Visit Vallee du Rhone for the best wine experience! Why?

Let me tell you how you can have an ideal trip out from Lyon for the best wine experience. But firstly, let me tell you why you should bother to leave Lyon for at least a day and visit Vallee du Rhône…..Why should you discover wines of Lyon in the Vallee du RhoneAre you ready to listen to my Big 5 Top Reasons Why You Should Go to Vallee du Rhone? Here they come…

  1. Learn more about wines! Visiting the places of the wine production are the best way to learn more about wines you drink or should drink… You can listen to the real producers explaining you the wine production process, you can see the different types of soil that produce different types of grapes. You can see and taste the different types of grapes. Learning this all by experiencing will allow you to understand the beauty and specialty of French wines and enjoy them even more.Learn more about wines!
  2. Visit the beautiful big and interesting cities of the Rhone Valley. While you are going through the fields of grapes trees, countrysides and admiring the amazing landscapes. You will be passing the very famous cities of the region: Lyon, Vienne, Valence, Vaison la Romaine, Orange, Avignon, Nîmes, the hillside villages of the Luberon. Use the opportunity to explore some of them.Visit big cities around like Grenoble
  3. Remember the Rhône Valley is very big. Its vineyards are divided into two large wine-growing areas. So you will never be bored there. There is always something new to discover and experience. The north part of the Rhone Valley is the Septentrional vineyard and it is located on the hillsides in the steep mountain ranges. The south part – the Meridional vineyard enjoys the plains and gentle slopes. Choose wisely from 14 wine routes to discover the interesting and rich architectural heritage of the region. Enjoy your trip out of the city!Choose the wine route
  4. Find your favorite wine while taking part in wine tasting events, or and especially by visiting the authentic producers. This I like the most. Imagine going to the big villa, a small French castle whose owners produce the wine! I am sure they will welcome you and offer you a short or longer tour around. Some producers do it for free and very spontaneously. But if you want to be sure you will actually have a wine tasting experience in the Rhone Valley, check here for inspirations, book it in advance. The Rhône Valley gives wines are very famous for their unique character. Mostly reds, the wines of the Rhône are divided into three colors. In the north, robust but fine reds and aromatic whites. In the south, more full-bodied reds, expressive whites and round and fruity rosés. There are also sweet wines of Rhone Valley. I am sure after tasting you will get the idea of what you like and you find our preferred French wine.Find your favorite wine
  5. Enjoy time on the fresh air. Have a nice day out with a picnic and amazing view of the  France’s most important wine zones. The Vallee du Rhone revels in a rich architectural heritage. It presents the diversity of the wine-growing areas due to the complex soils and variations of the Mediterranean climate. The landscapes are amazing of vineyards and Rhone river which follows you..or which you follow.Prepare for a picnic on a hill with an amazing view

Are you convinced to go and visit the Rhone Valley area now? If yes, I have a nice surprise for you. Here you have the idea for an Ideal Day Out in Rhone Vallee. I did it this way and I can recommend but maybe you have experienced Rhone Valley some other way?Visit Vallee du Rhone for the best wine experience! Let me know please because I am sure I will come back there one day. If you haven’t been yet, try out my idea for an Ideal Day Out in Vallee du Rhone and share with me please your best wine experience so far? Or are you planning to have one just now?


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