Find out why Alsace is such a unique part of France

Find out why Alsace is such a unique part of France

It is very unique indeed! I have been there, I have seen it and I can confirm. But this is not all, I can prove and show you why! So, sit comfy and read on why Alsace is such a unique part of France and do not have doubt on why you should visit it!

I mentioned on sitting comfy but do not worry i am not going to make it long or boring. I will actually try to keep it ‘sweet and short’ (as always 😉 and stick to just 10 (as i could go on and on)Why Alsace Is Unique and Special

Reasons on Why Alsace is So Different & Unique Part of France! Because of

  1. The heavy German flavours – It looks German and even sounds German. When you enter the Alsace region you will feel a little bit like in Germany. The landscapes, the houses, the food and people sound different to French, yet very interesting and new to discover.The Architecture of Alsace
  2. The architecture – half-timber houses, ornate wells and fountains, oriels (upstairs bay windows), storks’ nests, and carved-wood balustrades. The houses look totally different. They are small, cute, and very colourful and i mean colourful: blue, yellow, green….yet so charming!Alsace
  3. The previous ownership – France and Germany spent centuries arguing about the land. Finally France claimed the land in 1945. And the famous Strasbourg belongs to France indeed!Landscape in Alsace
  4. Being one of the world pioneers of wine tourism. There is the popular Alsace Wine Route (‘Route des vins’) that explores the vineyards and villages. The route covers more than 170 km as it traces a line from north to south broadly following the eastern edge of the Vosges mountains, and crosses the southern half of the Bas-Rhin department and the northern half of the Haut-Rhin department. There are also about 50 wines classified ‘grand cru’ that are produced along the route The most famous brands includes Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Crémants d’Alsace.Discover Alsace
  5. The landscape and mountains, the area which is popular for its an outdoor holidays. You can choose uch activities like biking, boating, trekking and fishing. There are over 10,000 miles of signposted footpaths through unspoilt land, forests and hills. It is an ideal place for active holidays.The Specialities of Alsace
  6. The Food – so distinct from other French regions. It is heavy, it is warm, it comes in a big quantity and it is good! The main specialties of Alsacian region include not just foie gras and escargots but juicy ham hock with steaming choucroute, pike-perch poached in riesling and spicy gingerbread. Traditional dishes include baeckeoffe, flammekueche, choucroute, and fleischnacka.Vin Chaud - Regional Specialities
  7. The real competition to the wine! The beer is just as popular as a glass of wine and during the Christmas period the Beer Chau, the Vin Chau is very popular and served at each corner of the markets. The Alsatian brewers formed their guild back in 1268! Their passion for beer hasn’t diminished one bit ever since. More than half of all beer consumed in France is produced in Alsace. Alsace is also the main beer-producing région of France, thanks primarily to breweries in and near Strasbourg. You can find there such brands as Fischer, Karlsbräu, Kronenbourg, and Heineken International. The northern Alsace brings you  Hops which are grown in Kochersberg.  And did you know that Schnapps is also traditionally made in Alsace? Unfortunately, it is in decline because home distillers are becoming less common and the consumption of traditional, strong, alcoholic beverages is decreasing.Amazing Alsace
  8. Being the second largest bird watch of the country (after Rhine). That is interesting, isn’t it? Well it has a great choice of public parks, botanical gardens, historic estates, forests. The lakes and forests set amongst the Vosges mountain range are explored on foot via the marked trail along the Crest Road. There is a regional nature park (Park of the Northern Vosges), which is home to a wide array of flora and fauna.The Christmas Spirit of Alsace
  9. Christmas Market – the experience of Christmas season which you cannot miss! This is the area which gives the best festive atmosphere which cannot be found anywhere else in France with such a intensity. On top of that, there is nowhere in France where you can see such real Christmas markets full of warming you up food and drinks. The colourful lights, the ‘creches’, the religious atmosphere are getting you ready for Christmas …you are sure to meet the Santa Claus, buy good hot wine and beer, Christmas presents and souvenirs. You will find there many and the biggest Christmas trees and a lot of lumiere….The Architecture of the Amazing Alsace
  10. It’s one of the coldest and the whitest part of France – when winter arrives here, you are sure to see snow. The temperature drops as well but the Christmas market atmosphere with the Vin Chaud warms it up. So strangely, you don’t feel so cold on here…but you are sure to find White Christmas!

So what do you think now about Alsace? Did you realize that there is actual a part of France on where you can get such a unique experience of festive time? I like French Christmas with its seafood Christmas Eve, the morning presents opening, the posh food and Champaign, family gathering etc…but I missed on nativity scene, the spiced cakes, the gingerbread cakes and many & many lights and decorations….so once I have seen Alsace, I felt like at home…Visit this part of France, especially when Christmas is about to arrive…


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