Free French Phrasebook For You

Your Free French Phrasebook to Help You Survive in France Without Any French

Yes! This is true, today I have for your some bonuses and freebies! I think Christmas is coming and I want to be kind, generous etc. So firstly, this post is going to be short (for a change ;-)! Secondly, I have a Completly Free to download a Phrasesbook of French which I created myself based on my experience. So you can be sure that this is Useful & Helpful & Essential without any unnecessary vocabularies which can only make your life complicated.

Your Mini French Phrasebook
Your Mini French Phrasebook

And thirdly, I have some top tips of the French Etiquette so you can make sure you will never come across as ignorant and rude person doing things that are strange to French or forgeting to do the required ones. Anyway, let’s get started & keep it ‘short & sweet’ as I promised!

Get your Compact French Phrasesbook for Free

So here you are Your Little French Phrasesbook which will help you survive France without any French. Get it for Free Your Mini French Phrasebook. I have collected the basic phrases and words and organized them into useful categories such as:

  • Getting AroundExplore France with your Basic French Phrases Book
  • In The Restaurant
  • Medical Emergencies
  • See You Soon
  • Good Manners
  • The Basics
  • About Yourself
  • Question Words
  • About The Weather
  • In The Bank
  • Body Parts
  • Doing Shopping
  • Types of Shops
  • Grocery List
  • Buying Clothes
  • Clothing
  • Colors
  • Days of the Week
  • Time Expressions
  • Hours
  • Dates
  • Seasons

And thats it, well right now there are just really a few tips on how to behave in France so you dont sound rude…

  • Don’t hug French, you can kiss them but no hugging allowed!
  • Respect the difference between tu and vous. When you speak with someone you dont know or this person is older than you,  you have to call him by pronoun vous. Pronun tu you can use only with friends, family, or people who have given you permission to use it!
  • Say sorry when needed – there are so many different ways to express it. Use it correctly. Pardon is used mainly when you want to appologize for small incidents..Excusez-moi is can be used instead of pardon, but it is less popular. And desolé(e) you say in serious situations.
  • Be happy to help and express it by saying: You’re welcome – Je vous en prie/De rien (more casual)
  • Merci/Merci beaucoup(thanks a lot)/Merci bien (thank you very much).
  • Excusezmoi de vous déranger. (Sorry for disturbing you).
  • Be kind to sneezing people – Say ‘À vos souhaits “bless you”
  • Mind the difference between the parts of the day and greet people accordingly:  Bonjour  – Good morning & Bonsoir –  Good evening & Bonne nuit –  Good night (only said when going to bed)
  • Casually Say: Salut –  Hi /  Bye & Au revoir –  Goodbye
  • Enjoy being called: Monsieur, Madame, Mademoiselle – Mister, Misses, Miss
  • Make announcements to people and start with….Mesdames et Messieurs – Ladies and gentlemen

Sounds useful? I hope so. Enjoy all and let me know if you came across any useful tips on how to behave in France and what essential phrases helped you living & visiting France. In the meantime, enjoy speaking French!


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