French Christmas with Polish & English touches

French Christmas with Polish & English touches

Ok, so once I have organized and prepared the whole Christmas Eve – Polish Wigilia in Lyon, I got very relaxed and started on a lazy Christmas meaning…eating, drinking, talking photos, unwrapping gifts and chatting and exploring French culture and traditions and the way they are …I love to learn more about French people…so here it is how the Christmas Day started for me….

We had an amazing buffet breakfast with the top quality croissants and pain du chocolat. We got them from the best bakery in Lyon – Boulangerue Jouctor聽 and we could not resist on having both….

One part of Christmas presents
One part of Christmas presents

After lovely breakfast we did one part of presents and I went to the church…it was very interesting experience to attend a mass in French …I didnt understand much but still remembered and felt the festive spirit of the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Day in France

After the church, the big feast started…for me everything聽Yummy Prawns with Eyes was so exotic – apperatif with white cheese rolls and small sandwiches; first course of the Christmas Day meal came with prawns and pate; main course of turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes and gravy and to add to this all – bread and wine!

Once we have eaten, more presents came

Even More Presents
Even More Presents

and we have been spending time (having a break from eating) next to the Christmas tree. Next came the

Amazing French Christmas Dessert

dessert – the very expensive and the most advertised Christmas dessert in France which looked amazing and tasted like a heaven…sweet chocolate inside and masarpone & cream cover.

So really 25th of December didnt bring me any work, any cooking, any baking but only eating, sitting and resting…and I just wonder how it is that when you do such little you get so much….;-) cheeky style of life…sometimes you do so much and sometimes you can just BE…

Relaxing time next to the Christmas Tree

Afternoon and evening I spent next to the Christmas tree exploring presents, looking at photos, playing silly games and we finished off with the cheese board and more wine. We got also some leftover turkey and sandwiches to finish off the day in a Christmassy and English way.

Uff … that sounds like all I do in Lyon is eating..oh well I promise it will get more active 馃槈 I love food – yes but I also love actively spending time and Lyon is such a place that have both…the best food and the wonderful places to visit




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