Make Your Own Souvenirs from France

Top 10 Ideas to Make French souvenirs…creative and cheap way of sharing your passion and love for France!

Make your own souvenirs from France1

Be different, do not buy but make your own souvenirs from France, for yourself but also for others.

I could make a long list of benefits of creating your own souvenirs from France but this it not the idea of the article. I prefer to present you my favourite projects which I found and will definitely try. Why? Because making your own souvenirs can be a great fun! It is relaxing, therapeutic thing to do, it reveals your creativity, it makes you less tense and happier. Hand made souvenirs are very special and unique. You actually can do it anytime, anywhere in the world. It can be a very good idea for a present. It will be definitely cheaper to make than to buy. So these were just few not all benefits of making your own souvenirs from France. Now, are you ready to see my top 10 favourite projects of creating french souvenirs

1.French macarons

These are so cute, colorful little macarons and not caloristic at all. I would even say zero calories macarons 😉. How is it possible? Well, they are not to be eaten! Don’t bake them but glue them to create a decoration and an ideal souvenir from France. How? Check here for instructions.French Macaron Ornaments

2. Small bags of lavender

I don’t know about you but I love lavender. I dried it once and got so much of the dry, beautifully smelling flowers that I made not just one but few little lavender bags. I put it to all my wardrobes and shared with my friends and family.lavender bags3. La vie est belle

How true is that? As true as you want it to be! I want my life to be beautiful. I know it is but when the difficult days approach and everything seems to be against me. I just want to look at the frame with one of my favourite quotes and remind myself: la vie est belle: appreciate what you have, never think what you don’t have = your life is than always beautiful! But coming back to the project: frame and the print, extremely easy to make!

La vie est belle

4. Now, something yummy and french.

Make your favourite French dessert. I tell you that I love baking but French patisserie quite challenging. I’m still at the stage of approaching the challenge to bake my first macarons but I master making French madeleines. I can highly recommend and share the recipe here. Yet, to make them, you need to get equipped with the baking moul especially shaped for madeleines. You need to buy it when in France or it’s possible to order online👍. Alternatively, you can always back a tart or cherry clafoutis which are also very tasty and french. And because there is no better souvenir from France as a bit of sweet french pleasures.croissants5. Photobook and canva from France

For all the photos lovers. There are so many souvenirs to make. My favourite is the photobook and canva for the best photo shot you took or the favourite place in France you want to share with others!photos from france6. Lavender soap

I have never done it before but I heard it is quite easy and can easily become your real hobby. As a souvenir from France, I would highly recommend making the lavender soap. Why? Well,  there is the famous savon de Marseille which you may not have the opportunity to buy. So why not trying to replicate the idea? Once you added to your soap making project,  the lavender, it will be even more French!soap lavender7. Drawings and paintings from France

Your own art. It’s very difficult to capture and share the real beauty of France. It’s not only a view that is manific but also the feeling we associate with  it. You can share this feeling with others when you try to paint it. And don’t say you cannot paint if you never tried. Use the pencil or pastels, get started to copy the image you have in your head and heart!art from france8. Sewing beautiful beret

Now, sewing! I wanted to say I cannot sew. I’m not gifted in this area well I have never learnt how to do it. Yet, l am saying to myself: why not to try. We are never too old to discover and learn new things. So, how about sewing a French beret? Challenging but possible!Beret sewing

9. Bookmark and from France

Bookmark! Even if you and your friends use kindle and other ebooks reader, bookmark is a old style, gentle souvenir you can make from France. Bookmark created from pictures or French newspaper scrapping, bookmark made with your favourite French quotes…the ideas for a bookmark from France is unlimited!bookmark

10. French paper city

Lastly, I came across this fun, easy project for all ages! It’s called paper city! I found this idea about obviously Paris…obviously…yet I can imagine it will be even better to do it for Lyon…but if I want to be fair,  the paper city project should be created for any city in France you wish. Here is ready to print, colour/not colour, cut instructions for Paris. But I would like to encourage you to do it for your truly beloved city in France. Have creative fun. For me colouring is very relaxing and therapeutic. I hope you find it similar way. Moreover, it can be a great activity for a kid or big kid as I’m and an ideal m souvenir from FrancePaper-City

I hope you found this inspiring. Did you find any project that you would like to make? Do you have other idea of the souvenir from France to make? Please, share with me, I would love to try!


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