Musee de Confluence Again! But can you resist?

Musee de Confluence Again! But can you resist?

It has been almost 2 years since the ‘spaceship’ shaped museum has been completed and given to the public here in Lyon. I have visited it just on the second day when this museum has been opened. Obviously, I have stand in a que a long time to enter it as the new museum got very popular from the very beginning. But this is not surprise as people have been waiting for the Musee of Confluence for over years.musee-de-confluenceThis is how long it took to build it. Not only the time but a lot of money has been required to successfully launch the project but now we can benefit. Us – the visitors seem to be happy with the new addition to Lyon but I cannot imagine what the window cleaners think as the Museum of Confluence even though has an amazing shape, size and offers great views; it has so much glass (not easily accessible) that it must be a real pain to clean it!

The first time I have been to the museum, I have seen both the temporary and permanent expos. This time I have been attracted by the Antarctica Expo. I wanted to see it but paying the whole entry fee I decided I will see other contemporary expositions and I will remind myself the contemporary ones. Being not a student anymore, which is a bit unlucky this time, I needed to pay the full 9 Euro (students enter free!). For one expo it seems a lot but for the whole Museum of Confluence it is acceptable. So I started with the Antarctica (Opened until December 31, 2016).


This exposition presents the unique polar exhibition which took place in 2015 year. Exactly 10 years after The March of the Penguins, it has been the director Luc Jacquet and two photographers, Vincent Munier and Laurent Ballesta who organized this amazing mission to explore the world of unknown Antarctica.


The summary and observations made during this scientific mission has helped to create the expo accessible to us. Therefore the Antarctica lets us learn more about the unknown white continent, about the Antarctic ocean, its inhabitants & about the incredible biodiversity of this land.

Femal potters of Africa

Then I visited the Female potters of Africa (until April 30, 2017) which was as much interesting for me as Antarctica one. Basically, 20 years ago 11 European Potters went to Africa and brought back pottery, several hours of film, field notes and numerous photographs. This journey helped to create an interesting exposition which lets us admire and discover the potters of West Africa females.

More african pottery

This expo presents about sixty pieces of pottery, carefully decorated and also in its original shape and colours.colorful-african-pottery

Then the last temporary expo I was nicely surprised to see was …..The Shoes of the World!

Shoes of the world

At your feet (until April 30, 2017)an amazing exhibition which lets us admire & be amazed and shocked in some moments by the diversity of shoes which existed worldwide from the 16th to the 21st century. The exhibition presents nearly a hundred pairs from museum collections, from the International Footwear Museum at Romans. It has been created by the Catalan artist Xavier G-Solis. So yes, I I have been in heaven. Well, I mean I would never want to wear any of the shoes presented but if you looked at the different styles, shapes, textiles, forms you would never imagine people all over the world feel comfortable in them. But yes, I mean they were created to make people lives easier, more comfortable…but on the other hand, they also have served as a beauty & elegant addition to the people’s lives. Anyway some were very beautiful…so very strange!musee de confuance

The only temporary expo I haven’t seen was Rebel bodies (until March 5, 2017)an interesting exhibition which helps us understand modern dance as a universal language…maybe next time!

After those 3 temporary expos it was pretty easy and quick to move to the permanent expositions of Musee de Confluence. I mean each of the expo has a reasonable (I would even say – small size) that you could spend there not that much time and move forward.species

The permanent part of the Museum of the Confluence consist of:

  • Origins, the stories of the world – the exhibition which lets us explore the beginnings of the world and our place in itorgins-the-stories-of-the-world
  • Species, the web of life the exhibition which lets us discover the place of humans and animals in the world, and ours and theirs influence on ecosystemspecies-the-web-of-lifespecies-the-web-of-life-even-more1
  • Societies, human theatre the exhibition that lets us get to know the functions of the society and the way people used to live
  • Eternities, visions of the beyond – the exhibition that lets us learn and understand the afterlife  eternities-visions-of-the-beyond

So I can honestly admit that I do not regret I have come back. It is actually good idea to come back to the places which we visited before as we can see them in a different way and discover new things. So yes, I have been and explored it well.

Musee de Confluence Again! But can you resist?
Musee de Confluence Again! But can you resist?


I discovered new things and ways in the Museum of the Confluence and I liked it. You have to visit the Musee de Confluence as it is one of the best ones!


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  1. 10 years late and extra budget (330M€ instead of 60M€)… but finally there ! Great museum. This modern spaceship shaped building is becoming another symbol of Lyon.

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