How the French confuse English or the English confuse French.

How the French confuse English or…the English confuse French. My List of Top 25 Confusing French and English words in Photos! Get even more and for free!

I didn’t realize that there are many words in English and French that can make us all really confused. We know them in English and we hear them in French and we assume they mean the same…but actually they don’t!


So if you want to avoid silly uncomfortable situations where you use some English well known words in speaking French please pay attention. I have identified many such words – they are called Faux Amis and now, I will share them with you. Let me introduce you to the Top 25 Confusing French and English words in Photos so you can remember them easier. And if you want more, I have a great news. I have created a Free To Download List of All Important Faux Amis. Get it for Free here, have a look, print if needed and impress others with your French!

Top 25 Confusing French and English words in Photos

  1. ice cream/la glace CONTRA glass/le verrela-glace
  2. change/une monnaie CONTRA money/l’argentla-monnaie
  3. coin/une pièce de monnaie CONTRA corner/le coinle-coin
  4. condom/le préservatif CONTRA preservative/le conservateurle-conservateur
  5. conductor/le contrôleur CONTRA driver/le conducteurle-conducteur
  6. tower/la tour CONTRA tour/la visitela-tour
  7. arm/un bras CONTRA bra/un soutien-gorgele-bras
  8. wounded/blessé CONTRA blessed/saintsaint
  9. deadline/le délai CONTRA delay/le retardle-retard
  10. bread/le pain CONTRA pain/la douleurle-pain
  11. brewery/une brasserie CONTRA lingerie/une brasseriela-brasserie
  12. bus, coach/le bus, le car CONTRA car/la voiturele bus
  13. notice/un avis, un préavis CONTRA note, instructions/une notice
  14. plum/une prune CONTRA prune/un pruneaula-prune
  15. bookshop/la librairie CONTRA library/la bibliothèque la-librairie
  16. spot/un bouton CONTRA button/un boutonle-bouton
  17. store/un grand magasin CONTRA blind, shade/un storele-store
  18. ticket (underground, bus)/le ticket CONTRA banknote/le billetle-ticket
  19. tie/la cravate CONTRA cravat/le foulardla-cravate
  20. vegetable/un légume CONTRA legume/un légume secla-cravate
  21. wagon, trolley/le chariot CONTRA carriage, car/le wagonle-chariot
  22. warning/l’avertissement CONTRA advertisement/la publicitéla-publicite
  23. dress/la robe CONTRA (bath) robe/le peignoirla-robe
  24. driver/le conducteur CONTRA conductor/le chef d’orchestrela-fiche
  25. note/une fiche CONTRA fish/un poisson

So did you know thoseTop 25 Confusing French and English words before? Did you check out my Comprehensive List of Aux Amis (there are over 100 of them!) which you can download & print out here for free? Let me know if you came across any other words I could add to the list, I could use to improve French ;-)Thanks a lot!


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