My Top and the Best 5 Online Magazines about France in English

Let me share with you My Top and the Best 5 Online Magazines about France in English for a better & happier life in France!

Stay happy and informed in France without your French. I mean it can be a bit overwhelming when you arrive abroad and do not speak the language, still you are adult interested in news but everything seems so difficult to understand. Ok, you have the access to your country news and you can read & watch in your mother tongue or at least in English. I have been trying it but what i have found is that i miss a lot on the news about France. People here talk about events in France a lot, the news show info you (as yet) do not understand, you start to feel frustrated….so what I have done to feel better? Well i searched and searched and found those top (interesting) online magazines about France in English. And this has been a great beginning for me to get settled in France. I have been able to learn about French culture, lifestyle, understand it better. More and more I do learn French, I believe I will be able to fully understand everyday news and magazines in french. But for this moment, let me enjoy My Top and the Best Online Magazines About France In French!

France Today_ French Travel, Culture and Life & Style
France Today – French Travel, Culture and Life and Style
  1. France Today – is the leading international journal of French travel & culture. This was my first find. I found it easy to understand, interesting. I sign up to receive weekly emails with info about France, places to visit, culture, cuisine, French lifestyle. This is the only magazine written for a truly international audience ofeducatedFrancophiles. It is more focused on French travel, culture, gastronomy, shopping & entertainment, art & design, society & politics, there are some real estate for sale and vacation rentals offers. There is little everyday news but as I said this is not the aim of this online magazine

    Frenchentree - 'Guides to French Property, Living in France and Holidays to France'
    Frenchentree – ‘Guides to French Property, Living in France and Holidays to France’
  2. FrenchEntrée – is a sister site to the France Today. It is done in a similar tone but I tend to read both to learn more about France and French lifestyle, culture and places to visit. As France Today, there are a lot of contributors which makes the magazine very interesting, depth and practical with all the info and tips provided and it covers the whole France. There is also a weekly newsletter to sign up for free. The big part of the magazine covers the the complete online solution for buying French property. This is not yet of my interests but who knows…Since we launched in 2003, the site has grown to become an invaluable source of advice and inspiration to hundreds of thousands of readers looking to buy, live, or enjoy a holiday in France. I will highly recommend!

    cafebabel -  I pan-European news, features and opinions'
    cafebabel – I pan-European news, features and opinions
  3. cafébabel – is another online magazine but a bit different. It is more interactive, dynamic, funny & serious and it covers different topics such as  the society, political, cultural and lifestyle. Why is it different but still very good? Because it is actually available in six languages – French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish,ithas been created by Erasmus students in 2001 and there are about  1500 authors, translators, photographersandvideomakers  whocontribute to it! It is about France but mostly about Europe as young Europeans experience it every day. That is why if you are an expat or travel a lot, I think you appreciate this type of information.

    France24- 'Latest news reports on FRANCE, French politics and culture - France 24'
    France24- Latest news reports on FRANCE, French politics and culture
  4. France 24 – consists of three separate TV channels which broadcast in French, English and Arabic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So it isavery professional news online resource. There are many journalists from all over the world contributing to it. And the bonus…there are news to watch. So you have 2 in 1 – the reading materials and TV channels to watch.

    The Connexion - The Newspaper for English-Speakers in France.png
    The Connexion – The Newspaper for English-Speakers in France
  5. The Connexion – lastly my the very best one! This is a monthly newspaper featuring French national news, articles on culture and lifestyle, practical updates and information about life in France. It costs €3.80 and it is available at selected newsagents and by annual subscription at discounted rates. It is the best-selling newspaper for English-speakers in France. But to be honest you do not need the printed version, the website is so comprehensive and up to date that you get the full access to the  essential news and practical information to understand and integrate into the French community. There is loads! There are everyday news, there are info about setting up a business, learning the language, educating your children and understanding healthcare and politics and obviously the help with buying a home. This is not all! They do features about important cultural events, interviews with politicians, economists, artists, writers and others who contribute to the country’s political, economic and cultural life.

So those sites should keep you busy, informed and entertained once you start learning French. Use this time to find out more about the French culture and lifestyle. Their mentality has a lot to discover and it is all very interesting. There are many expats websites which you can use to explore more, And once you learned a bit more French…there are their Top French Magazines waiting for you: Le Monde and Le Figaro; then something rather entertaining like GQ French and something rather girly…Madmoizelle (French Fashion/Girl website) and  Au Feminin (Female oriented website). They look good….Happy reading or flicking through the adverts….


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