It’s High Time We Started Savvy Christmas Planning

It seems like a high time to get myself organized for Christmas this year. I left it so late this time as I spent some time travelling and now being a Pole in love with England I am staying for Christmas in a lovely Lyon, France. That is strange, isn’t it? Anyway, having been travelling and being away from family and friends, the gifts planning and giving process seems very complicated and expensive. But with my ‘savvy spirit’ I have come up with few ideas on how to achieve it unpainfully.

Firstly, I have decided on making savings with Christmas cards. Instead of buying them I will make some colourful and personalised cards which I can send to family and friends.

Christmas card making

The international stamps are already expensive but you cannot miss on sending the Christmas Wishes to the beloved ones. It will take some time and energy to create some lovely cards but I am sure they will appreciate and like them more then getting simple text messages and emails.

International Delivery Secondly, I decided to search for present ideas from the international companies which do international shipping therefore I can have my gifts delivered directly to my friends and family at home just on time.  He most famous and efficient site for this is obviously Amazon. But I especially like group as well as Those two brands make the worldwide delivery services very convenient and cheaper (meaning affordable for me). I have already used them few times and they never disappointed me.

Another and essential thing which needs to be considered when doing online shopping is using voucher codes to make additional savings. I have recently discovered  Voucherbin which is a very comprehensive promotional code website.


They have over 13 000 active codes on the site every day so I am sure you can find some useful ones for yourself. But what I especially like about the is the fact that they show you on how much savings you can make when using the companies they feature on their website. That’s cool & useful, isn’t it?

Free deliveryAdditional thing that I always consider when doing online shopping is the cost of delivery. I tend to look for those shops which offer free delivery. Check out on here if you can find any of your favourite shops that offer free shipping. You can make your shopping even more enjoyable.

Group deals siteRecently I have also discovered sites which offer vouchers’ gifts, and experience & spa days, travel deals with huge discounts. Have you ever heard about  Livingsocial and Groupon? If not, its high time to check them out and use. It gives you ideas on what you can buy as a present this Christmas and make it savvy for you.


One more thing which I found useful when getting ready for Christmas on a budget is using £1 shops.  They are everywhere. In France they are called 2 Euro shops and in Poland they are simply named – Everything 3zl. So I am sure you can find some of these types of shops around you and use it well for having your house decorated and your stocks filled with small gifts for Christmas, if you want to limit your Christmas spending.

So I think this is pretty much for now to get myself and you started with savvy Christmas shopping. Once this has been organized I shall get started with organizing the Christmas parties, baking & meals and menu ideas to accompany the joyful, relaxing, not stressful festive time together with beloved ones. It also needs to be within the budget, creative, colourful and yummy but especially filled with joy and happy & loving people around you.

Family eating Christmas dinner


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