Why should you visit Vulcania?

Interesting and fun visit to Vulcania! Discover My 10 top reasons to visit Vulcania.

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There is a real volcano near Lyon, did you know that? Yet, I’m not going to tell you about exploring this vulcano itself because it’s not possible but I’m going to tell you about Vulcania – a wonderful place which teaches you about volcanoes, our planet earth and the nature in an interesting, creative, fun way. Are you ready to discover Vulcania?

Perfection found in Vulcania
Perfection found in Vulcania

So, let me tell you what exactly Vulcania is, why you should visit it and how you can organise a trip up there. As a little bonus I will share with you a small list of main tips on making the most out of your visit at Vulcania.

Mystery of Vulcania starts here...
Mystery of Vulcania starts here…

Vulcania is an “European Park of Volcanism” officially opened in France in 2002. It is an attraction and the museum park in a theme of volcanoes and it is located in Saint-Ours-les-Roches, Auvergne, 15km north-west of Clermont-Ferrand.

Vulcano near Lyon
Vulcano near Lyon

10 top reasons to visit Vulcania

  1. It is an interesting and fun place for any age really. Not only for kids but also adults and grandpas and grandmas. As the visit opens anyone’s eyes. It’s informative so adults are interested, it’s fun so kids are happy.
  2. There is a very welcoming and helpful, experienced and full of knowledge staff who welcomes you a big smile.
  3. It has many very interesting different type of activities and experiences. I can’t reveal all as you should be surprised and discover yourself as it’s a part of the fun.
  4. Some shows will give you an unforgettable experience, some will terrify you.
  5. It is a good places to eat for different budgets and preferences. There is a quick sandwich bar Magma Café, where you have a 10 euro deal for a drink, baguette sandwich and a dessert. There is also a proper restaurant there, also not overpriced. Lastly, there are picnic areas if you managed to prepare some food in advance.
  6. It’s a good idea to spend time together with kids where they learn new things but also will be entertained and won’t get bored. As there is a lot of space, so feel free to come with friends and family and other friends to have even bigger fun.
  7. The area around Vulcania is beautiful and worth visit if you find time. At least if weather permits you should go for the panoramic view on your way there.
  8. There’s a big green park around which you can access anytime you want. This park is full of places to play for kids and areas to chill out.
  9. Little thing but counts – a big free parking.
  10. Not one but two souvenir shops…is it a good thing or a bad thing, decide yourself. I got hooked up and bought my pretty mineral stone…how could I resist?
Impressive Vulcania
Impressive Vulcania

Some tips on visiting Vulcania

  • Get prepared well! I mean visit the website and read about all the things you can do there, decide where you want to go before arriving to the park. This will save you a lot of time and the feeling of being totally lost. There is a lot of attractions so make sure you won’t miss anything.
  • Dress up as an onion! This is what we say in Poland anyways and what means that you have to put some layers. Why? Because Vulcania is located in the microclimate so the weather changes very quickly. Thankfully most of the activities are indoors.
  • You can enter and leave the park and come back there the same day, once you bought your one day ticket. Just remember to make a special stamp on your hand using the machines available by the exit. It is very useful if during your stay in the park, you want to access your car. I did it to bring my lunch.
  • There could be queues for the different attractions. Be aware of this and if you have a chance, come over off season. I did it and it was really nice not to wait at all.
  • Start your day early! As I always recommend and do myself, try to come just before the opening hours so you can avoid crowds and most importantly, you can make the most out of the park.
  • Have fun!

Our beautiful planet earth
Our beautiful planet earth

Lastly, let me tell you how to get there. Some practical information about Vulcania

    • When to go: check Vulcania calendar here
    • Where to go: Parc Vulcania, route de Mazayes, 63230 Saint Ours les Roches
    • How much does it cost: depending on the season and many offers available, the prices start from 23 euro for adults and from 16 euro for kids and the little ones (3-5 years old) pay only 6 euro in the low season. Check here for details.

Visit Vulcania

Did you know Vulcania before? Would you like to visit it? Do you know other interesting attraction parks in France that you can recommend. Thanks and have fun!


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  1. I went to Vulcania about 10 years ago and I remember it was fantastic ! I guess it is even more fun now haha
    Have you ever been to the Futuroscope (near Poitiers) ? If you enjoyed Vulcania you should love this place too !

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