Book Treat For You

Me Time with a Book Treat just ideal Sunday Treat For You.

What is a perfect treat for a girl…a nice book treat to go with a cup of tea and cake on Sunday afternoon. It is so called MeTime.


There are so many good reads to recommend and I would struggle to suggest just one. There has been many good reviews about 50 Shades of Grey recently. It is even available for less then £4 at WHSmith now so pretty easy to order it online. But there are many bestsellers displayed nicely in Waterstons online and you can browse through them. You can also find a perfect book for your Sunday Treat with Amazon Books – huge choice.

Book Treat for YouWhat I would only like to present you here is the special book that I feel is related to this blog. I am sure you can easily guess – it is a Confession of A Shopaholic. I am sure there are much better books to read but when you feel like something easy and funny try this one.

Happy reading!




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