Bring The Easter Spirit To Your Home!

Easter is behind the corner! You must have already done your House Spring Cleaning or you might be finishing this off as we speak. Now this is a high time to bring a little spring and Easter spirit into your house, isn’t it?

Eggs Home DecorationsHow about decorating your house using the very best crafty projects I have found and chosen for you? How about doing it all on a budget? I will show you how you can do it all cheaply and how to save money. You can then use this extra saved money on shopping especially for Easter Chocolate Eggs. Wouldn’t you like that?

Get yourself creative. Enjoy time decorating your place. Invite your family or friends for Easter feast and eggs hunting. Share all the love, Spring spirit, fun and of course all those chocolate delicious eggs you will be able able to buy or even better…make yourself! Another winner & saver of few pounds!

So let’s start with some home décor. Learn how you can decorate your house this Spring time on here,

Check out and use some of those 29 Creative DIY Ideas

And if this is not enough I have for your even more ideas to choose from and get inspired –  80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself. Now you do not have excuses on not doing it!20d8b002b0829aa2de9a5a6be038410d

Once you decided on how your home Spring theme is going to look like, bring Fresh Flowers to your home. You can make amazing bouquets yourself, you can make flowery compositions and display them in a new way: in the pots, bottles, different shapes etc. You can make decorations out of your fresh flowers. What I like especially for this year spring, are my flowers planted in the eggs shells. They seem ideal for Easter!9941a27f9c94e3a180e75bab88a19a17

There are many different traditions around the world associated with Easter. England is known for chocolate eggs but more popular in Europe is the ritual of painting the real eggs. People boil the eggs or empty them before, use the inside for a yummy scrambled eggs or baking, prepared hard boiled eggs for breakfast but first they will use the pains, markers, onions and other things to colour the eggs shells. So why don’t you try this out this Easter? Impress yourself and others by making your own eggs painted. You can do it in a very old fashioned and traditional way or in a more creative way.Alternatively I would suggest this completely odd way of painting Easter way. And one more example as i could not resist!IM000014.JPG

Learn on how you can decorate your eggs in a creative 7 different ways  or make your Easter eggs look very modern.

Now it is a high time to get ready for your guests. Plan how you will set your table with all those inspirations I have found for you here. Check my favourite one I am considering to use here.

Once your Easter table theme is decided, focus on planning and exciting and creative Menu for a day. 7e6f60a2250a434eab7d99205ecd3f17Start with the breakfast. Remember you can use all those eggs, you have taken for colouring. Learn on what you can do with your eggs on here250b7fe51b4c06542e7afa2f1d4b694e

If you give yourself a late start on Easter, go straight into Brunch and here you can use those amazing Brunch Recipes I have picked up for you: . Once your stomach is settled and you are happy and full after the proper Breakfast and Brunch, start your preparations for Easter Lunch. Your guests will join you so make it impressive, creative and delicious. Choose one idea from all 21 Festive Easter Menus. And my fav is here.Lastly, do not forget about the Afternoon Treat.

And if you are a Mini Eggs Fan, I have something especially for you. Check out those creative bakes which can allow you to enjoy your Mini Choc Eggs on a day!Mini-egg-Cake

One this all has been decided, well planned, you are allowed for the Eggs Hunting (read: your beloved shopping where you go and look for chocolate eggs, buy them and eat/share with others) Be sure there are plenty to choose from. Check on here how your Easter Most Amazing Chocolate Eggs can look like. 32ad607b6ed405922be7168316ee8ebfI know you are tempted now! You can buy your Easter Chocolate Treats from Thornton’s or easily at any supermarkets. But what I also would recommend is to try and make your own Chocolate Easter Egg! That would be so impressive!

Anyway, all of this seems like a lot of work, preparations so I will let you get started! Try to enjoy, relax, have fun rather than treating it as a hard work. Remember it should be about the pleasure it gives you and others to enjoy Easter!

Happy Easter!




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