Enjoy savings during Summer Time!

There are even more reasons to prefer summer to winter!

Summer Better Then Winter

If someone asks me a question what do I prefer: summer or winter,  I don’t need to think long.

SummerI love summer for its warmth, Sun and happy moments I can have when I feel warm. I love the green colour of trees, fields; the colourful flowers, yummy fresh fruits, healthy vegetables and more opportunities for outdoors activities.  I love walking, riding on a bike. I love seaside and beach for its hot weather, bikinis, swimming, sunbathing and fresh & cold cocktails. I enjoy warm evenings with colourful sunsets and the summer love! I also like mountains for its walking opportunities and amazing views you can admire once you reach the hill.  I love summer for the energy and positivism it brings to my life, for the holiday season. I enjoy the Summer Fashion for the dresses, for the flip-flops, for tops, skirts, bikinis and sunglasses which I actually cannot wear. What’s a shame. I am not a fan of contact lenses so wearing one glass is limiting my sun glasses choices. But I still admire people wearing them. There is such a choice. I also like summer for the fact that it bright my hair so I can be blonde for free. Oh…also I would almost forgot, I love summer for family & friends outdoors parties, I mean barbecues especially.  So any reason or no reason creates a dinner a form of grill…sausages, burgers, chicken breasts, some beer, cocktails and small salad to feel even more healthier and happier! Simply, when the weather is nice and warm, people naturally feel like meeting up, like spending time together, like going out, socializing and spreading good spirit.

WinterWhat could I say about winter. Well, I am not so against it. I do love it for Christmas, snow, white landscape. I like it for baking and getting ready for Christmas, for family gathering, for Christmas presents, traditions.  But I do not like winter cause of the coldness, low temperature, heavy food you crave for, less energy, limited colours with the main focus on white snow. I don’t like winter cause of the heavy boots and heavy coats we need to wear when its so cold outside. I like the cosy evenings at home but I miss terribly the walking in the sun which I can get when its summer. In winter I am less productive, more depressed and so out of energy.

That is why my preferences for summer over winter are clear. But I would also like to present you another way of looking at the benefits of summer. Yes, there are even more benefits! And it would not be myself –  a savvy Shopaholic, if I wouldn’t mention the fact, that summer let you save money. Yes, you can save so much during summer and yes – you have higher costs of living in winter. . . but let show you this with the creative infographics I found.

So to sum it up:

    • Savings on heating: summer no heating, winter – heating all the time!
    • Savings on food: in winter you do crave and eat more!
    • Savings on entertainment: during winter you are limited to indoors activities and for most of them you need to pay: cinema, pubs, restaurants more drinking! In summer you can enjoy free outdoor activities: grills, bikes, walks, picnics and more.
    • Savings on travel: maintaining a car during winter is more expensive cause you need to have proper tyres, the car needs more check-ups and the car breaks more often and easier.
    • Savings on clothing: winter clothes are more expensive as you need a proper boots, warm coats, and big sweaters to keep you warm.
 Produced by Savoo.co.uk

So, have a look at the infographics below and lets start to enjoy summer time fully!

I am loving SUMMER, aren’t you?



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