Lets enjoy Summer for FREE!

Since I have presented you all the benefits of summer, I will now show you the ways of making even more savings during summer time. I will go even further, I mean I will show you Top 20 Things You Can Do For Free During Summer. So lets get started with the list of Summer for FREE ideas!

  1. Go for a walk.Summer Walk It cannot be easier to organize your free time for free. Just go for a walk. You can do it yourself and have a nice time for your thoughts. You can invite a friend. The choice is yours!
  2. Ride a bike. Amazing weather brings more energy. Use it well. Take a bike and go for a ride. Ride a BikeFeel the wind in your face and enjoy!
  3. Go on a long hike through the woods. If you are less adventurous go for a creative walk thought the forest, or if you cannot find a one nearby; pick up a local park!
  4. Visit grandparents. It is always a good idea to pay w visit to your beloved grandparents. They are always happy to see you!
  5. Do some gardening. It is the best relaxation you can get for free.
  6. Start blogging. Summer makes you more creative with all the positivism it brings, with all the colours it shows. Use it well and set up a blog. Write about something you love!
  7. Make homemade ice cream. Ice Cream SeasonThere is no summer without Ice Creams. Have them healthier, have them cheaper. Make them yourself. How about checking the recipes on here. Plenty to choose from and create a taste you love the most.
  8. Go for a farm tour. The summer brings new life. There are many animals growing, farm flourishing so it’s the high time and best time to visit and admire it all that Farm Life gives to us.
  9. Meet up with a friend. What is more, you will have so many opportunities to enjoy time together. You can go for a walk, to the garden, for a picnic, on a trip etc.
  10. Organize barbeque. The sun is shining, the evening is warm. It’s a great occasion to meet up and do a garden party. Grill some sausages, chicken, fish, grab a beer and have fun! Learn how to do it properly with those Tesco tutorials.
  11. Start sunbathing. You can do it on your balcony, in the garden or in the park just to name a few ideas. Remember to take care of your skin and protect it with sun care cosmetics. Find a good quality collection of them at Unineed.
  12. Go for a picnic.Picnic Take a blanket, take some food, don’t forget about fresh fruits and wine.  Check Sainsbury tips on how to organize it properly. That sounds like a nice way to enjoy eating outdoors, doesn’t it?
  13. Draw some flowers. Leave your ‘4walls’ and go outdoors. Take a notepad, pencils. Get your Drawing Kit at Utrechtart which has a great choice to order from.  Admire colourful flowers and capture them in your drawings.
  14. Take even more photos. There are some many new colourful objects that summer brings for you to capture. Practice you photographics’ skills
  15. Grow your own vegetables.gardening-fresh-vegetables-basket-TS-162359422Set up a vegetable garden. Use the opportunity to plant, take care of and grow healthy, organic vegetables. Save money, eat well and healthy.
  16. Pick up strawberries and eat them in all the forms you can think of. Here you have all creative recipe ideas and all of them healthy!Pick strawberriesPick one per day, or more…
  17. Read a book in a park. How lovely it is to sit on a bank, take a book or newspaper and read it with a fresh air.reading
  18. Get fit for FREE! The summer brings so many opportunities for outdoors activities. The activities that can bring you joy, energy, staying fit and if anyone interested even the lost of kgs.
  19. Go for a trip. You can drive by car, go by bikes, depending on where and how you prefer spending time. Summer opens new doors for places to visit.
  20. Try new recipes. top-summer-recipesSet up a rule of baking & cooking something creative at least once a week. Choose for deserts or main courses, use a lot of fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits. Do it in an easy way thanks to BBC Good Food Ideas

So how wonderful it is, when the Summer comes and you can enjoy everything it gives. You save money, you can get so much for FREE!

 Happy Summer Days!



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