Experience unique and unforgettable in Lyon!

Do something unusual today! Discover I-WAY! Where? In France and more precisely speaking in Lyon. 

How about taking a break from our beloved Lyon and doing something different yet in Lyon? Well, I have a proposition for you which I have discovered while searching for an original and unusual activity to do it Lyon. 

Discover IWAY in Lyon!

I have never been a big fan of the games and entertainment activities, I am more cultural freak who loves everything what is a museum, theater, gallery, event, show, nature etc rather than simulated experiences but many people I know, they love the games and experiences, so I am partly interested. 

Among the games and entertainment in Lyon, there is  I-WAY. It’s a set of simulators to drive cars and motorbikes, from Grand Prix to Formula 1, fighter jet racing. I_WAY offers around 12 racing simulators (6 Formula 1, 6 Rally cars), 4 Moto GP experiences and 3 fighter jet simulators (F18 Super Hornet). But this is not all, I Way also offers the escape room (I-SCAPE) and a space of more than 400 m2 dedicated to virtual reality (I-REALITY), a bar, a restaurant L’Octave with two covered terraces, 6 conference rooms …

The simulators are mainly reserved for adults with exceptions: children over 40 kilos can try the motorcycles while kids from 8 years old can play the co-drivers of their parents in the rally cars.

Well, we have tried the car racing simulators and the escape game which I can highly recommend. We are still tempted with the flight jet racing but everything in its right time. In the meantime, let me present you shortly all the activities available at  I-WAY so you can decide for yourself which one is the most appealing to you. 

  • Racing simulators with unparalleled performances (Formula 1, Rally). I-WAY offers 12 racing car simulators. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, you can live a real experience and feel like a professional driver, launched at over 300 km / h. Indeed, taking a seat in a real race car is already an unforgettable experience. Choose between the Formula 1 or Rally or go for the two of them. If you’re looking for pure adrenaline, you’re in the right place. Their Rally car simulation zone is composed of 6 simulators each including a 6 degrees of freedom platform on which is positioned a real C2 S1600 prepared by ORECA. 4 screens located in front of the driver and a surround sound system complete the overall device for a technological condensate of nearly 3 tons. While the 6 F1 simulators will allow you to take part in driving a car developing 870 horsepower and exceeding 320 km / h. Each simulator consists of a 6-axis motion platform that can simulate up to 2G (the equivalent of twice the weight of the body), a full-size Formula 1, 3 screens covering the visual field, and a surround sound system. Impressive!

Formula 1

  • Moto GP simulators. I-WAY proposes four ultra-realistic motorcycle simulators, thanks to a 60 ° lateral inclination. A unique experience in the world due to its concept and physical intensity. Thanks to  I-WAY you can have a chance to become  Marc Marquez (holder of five world championship titles) or Jorge Lorenzo (double world champion 250 cm3 and triple world champion MotoGP), driving a GP bike against Valentino Rossi, one of the best motorcycle riders of all time. Thanks to simulators you are immersed in the heart of a furious race, where you will have to try to follow the rhythm of the best pilots in the world. To enhance the feeling of speed, an air system is also integrated in the simulator, with a power regulator that increases the airflow depending on the level of acceleration.  The visual system is another essential element to help you slip into the skin of a pilot. Thanks to the use of a screen of more than 3.5 m diagonal, the pilot’s field of vision is covered and allows to dive fully into the race. Finally, the sound system that I-WAY uses, allows to spread the sound of the engine and thus completes the overall device for a sensational experience. Unique and unforgettable!

moto gp

  • Jet fighter simulators. I – WAY offers three F18 Super Hornet fighter aircraft simulators (the successors of the F-14 Tomcat – the famous hunting plane of the movie Top Gun) and the opportunity for you to fly such a fighter. Thanks to I-WAY you are  immersed in the heart of a life-size aerial combat. Thanks to a unique visual system consisting of a spherical screen three meters high and three meters wide controlled by five video projectors and seven computers inside which is positioned an replica cockpit of a F18 Super Hornet, the completeness the visual field is covered, no matter where the eye is. This unique technology can transmit real sensations of movement. Trilling!

jet fighter

  • The Escape Game launched in  I-WAY in 2017 I-SCAPE is the biggest escape room in Lyon which offers 7 rooms that can accommodate from 3 to 6 people (from the age of 10). But what exactly is an Escape Room? It’s a new concept of “smart entertainment” that was born in Japan before developing across the planet. The idea it that you are locked in a room and the game is to escape in a limited time (60 minutes). In groups of three to six participants, players must look for clues, then combine them to advance in the enigma and out of the room. I-SCAPE offers 3 different scenarios in order to live different adventures and adapt to the desires of each one.
    • Escape Scenario ” High Security Prison ”. This prison escape escape game plunges you into the heart of a maximum security prison. If you manage to escape in less than 60 minutes, then you will join the popular Circle of Category A agents, a distinction awarded exclusively to elite agents. But if, unfortunately, did not escape in time, you will have to succeed in the robbery mission …
    • Scenario Infiltration ” The Cyber ​​Break of the Century ‘. Here, you mission is to steal technology developed by a group of cyber terrorists. The Hacker Medusa group has just developed a revolutionary device that puts hackers into the most complex computer systems within the reach of a child, and they intend to sell this technology to all the worst criminal organizations in the world. You must infiltrate their headquarters and steal this dangerous technology that they keep.
    • Scenario  Investigation “Who Killed Agent Tara Monroe?” .In this game, your mission is to conduct the police investigation to try to identify the murderer of Constable Tara Monroe. Thanks to this psychological thriller atmosphere for this puzzle game, you can feel like a real detectives.
  • Lastly, about VR. Everyone knows more or less what the Virtual Reality (VR) is. Simply speaking, it is a technology that allows a person to dive into a virtual world in ways that so real that it feels truly present in this environment. With a virtual reality headset and motion sensors, the user can move and interact with the world around him, and thus live an immersive experience offering stunning visual and hearing sensations. And here is the virtual reality I-REALITY that the  I-WAY offers. There are 2 types of VR available at I-WAY:


  •  The virtual reality game ” ISS Rescue ”. Developed exclusively for I-REALITY, this VR game will take you 408 kilometres from Earth with the International Space Station as destination. Designed as a real movie, with breathtaking visuals, you will be totally cut off from the real world. Your team will have to manage their emotions in front of the events and show a perfect cohesion to succeed in its mission.
  •  The virtual reality game ‘Operation Black Space’.  This game will put you in the shoes of a Special Forces commando to accomplish a high-risk mission. You will have the feeling of being in the heart of an action movie that will transport you in different environments from a training room to the firing point of a rocket, through a helicopter, a rescue boat and a hydraulic dam. For 40 minutes, you will be totally cut off from the real world and your team will have to be perfectly cohesive to succeed in its mission.


Would you agree? It all sounds really exciting. I know these types of experiences and games exists all over the world but if you happen to be, live, visit Lyon, here you are I-WAY which offers those simulations ready for you anytime you want. If you have any questions, just give me a shout, I have learnt so much about them already and I always love to be challenged to learn more! 

Experience unique and unforgettable in Lyon!

Practical Info:

All offers available on our online store: www.i-way-shop.com

Address: 4 RUE JEAN MARCUIT, 69 009 LYON

Contact: @I-WAY.FR 04 37 50 28 70


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