Top 10 activities to do in Lyon during heatwave!

How is it possible to survive in Lyon when it’s 35° C and more and still have fun?

Well, let me tell you and explain that there are ways to enjoy, visit, live, spend time in Lyon in the times of heatwave. And actually, why am I making the whole article about the heatwave in Lyon? Because, it is a fact, the famous heatwave is happening during summer in Lyon each year. It used to be in August and now it is starting in June. But let’s not be scared! Even if we cannot fight it, we can find a way to live with it! Let me tell you my top 10 ideas for surviving a heatwave in Lyon in an active, interesting way while enjoying the city. In other words, let me present you my list of top 10 activities to do in Lyon during the heatwave.

Top 10 activities to do in Lyon during heatwave! (1)

1.The obligatory visit to the swimming pools which are many in Lyon! Being near the water and even better in water is the best thing to do to cool down in Lyon. There are many open-air swimming pools in Lyon, ideal for summertime and the most popular are around the Rhone. I am sure you have already spotted them. Check out the full list of top swimming pools in Lyon HERE LINK and find the most convenient for you.

visit to the swimming pools

2. Go to the parks with many trees to give you a nice shadow. In Lyon, you have very many parks to choose for. I have already created a list of the best Lyonnais parks here. And why they are recommended in the summer? Because the shadow is a great alternative to the lack of air conditioning in your flat. 

Go to the parks

3. Visit museums in Lyon which have air conditioning, so all and combine the pleasure of cool refreshing space with the cultural pleasure. My favorite museums are obviously: Musee de Beaux Arts, Musee de Confluence, Musee de Miniature et Cinema as well as the Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon… what is yours?

Visit museums

4. Go shopping! Shopping centers in Lyon will have the best air conditioning you can ask for. So here you have two main to choose from: La Part Dieu and Confluence Centre Commerciale

Go shopping!

5. Go to the cinema! Great relaxing 2 hours in the dark, cool place is a great hiding spot from the heatwave in Lyon and a nice excuse to watch a good film. Where in Lyon would you go to the cinema? I usually choose the one in Confluence UGC Cine or City International: UGC CINÉ CITÉ INTERNATIONALE as they are the biggest. The good ones you can also find in the Rue de la Republic: Pathe Bellecour and in the La Part Dieu: UGC La Part Dieu.  

Go to the cinema!

6. Go to the mass or simply just visit the churches which are many in Lyon. OK, it’s easy for me because I am Catholic but even so, for many people who are not believers or are different religions, we all can appreciate the beauty, history, and architecture of the old churches in Lyon and on top of that, it is well known that it is much cooler in churches and cathedrals. The opportunity to (re) discover the rich heritage of Lyon in this area, should obviously start with the Basilica of Fourviere and the Cathedral Saint-Jean.

Visit churches

7. Go to the library. As boring as it sounds, it is not! I find the French libraries quite interesting. Not only they will provide you with the quiet, cool, air-conditioned space, obviously, they will give you access to books, multimedia, and press but also many of them offer very interesting activities, galleries and gathering on specific topics; It can get very interesting. The biggest and the most creative seems to be the Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon Part-Dieu but if this is too far away you can always find a local library. 

Go to the library

8. Discover the ‘cool spaces’ in Lyon, so-called ‘Lieux Frais’ recommended by the city. The whole list is here. I would particularly advise you to visit these hidden gems of Lyon, recommended by the real Lyonnais…both in the shadow and near the water: 

9. Take advantage of the water points, I mean to get close to the beautiful fountains in Lyon, however, do not throw yourself directly into them. This is forbidden.  But being near them and having the opportunity to play with the water can help in the times of heatwaves. The best-known fountains in Lyon are: 

Take advantage of the water points

10. Have a summer trip from Lyon to discover even more places offering bathing spots and water spaces and what comes with it … the breeze of fresh air …let’s hope anyway. Here is the list of my ideas for summer trips around Lyon offering bathing spots. I hope you like it. 

Top 10 activities to do in Lyon during heatwave!

I tried to do my best to collect interesting and creative and cool ideas for the heatwave in Lyon. But I would be more than happy to hear your suggestions if you have any. Please do share with us.
Lastly, stay cool and safe and happy during a very hot summer in Lyon!


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