My Top 5 Fairs in Lyon!

So, the fairs in Lyon that are checked & recommended, with the few tips to follow and some photos to look at!My Top 5 Fairs in Lyon

There are things we want to do each year because they are so good or we simply like them. And what’s important is that we shouldn’t forget about them. And when spring comes it gets verybusy. Even I didn’t realise how busy and interesting spring season in Lyon is and that it’s a good idea to schedule our calendars well so we won’t miss anything but also we can make the most out of it. And obviously, we shall save money, always when we plan in advance and always when I do recommendations…as I’m a savvy shopper, expat who loves to travel, discover and enjoy little things on a budget (with many cosy, lazy, boring home moments at home as well). But anyways, coming back to the subject…the biggest Top 5 Fairs in Lyon. Here you are:

1.Foire de Lyon – The biggest, the longest, the most popular fair in Lyon, happening each year with a new, interesting theme. Cuba, Italy, the whole international world etc and the 2018 theme was England! I like it very much while waiting for Poland one day, you? Each year, the famous Foire de Lyon takes place at Eurexpo and usually between March and April. So far, the most I loved the London Edition, obviously! But each year brings new ideas and inspirations and each year is interesting differently. But let me just mention about the London Edition. It was full of the Londons symbols and places like Camden, Notting Hill, Carnaby Street, Abbey Road, Downing Street which the expo gave us the opportunity to get to know. It presented London from its medieval period to today through the 60s and 70s and swinging times, on the surface of over some 1500 square meters with a dozen scenes more lively that in reality (10 Downing Street, the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace etc …). Ideal for discovering London and perfect for shopping! When: March/April, one whole week really!; Where: Eurexpo, Avenue Louis Blériot – 69680 Chassieu; How Much: 6 € via website (at the expo 7.50€ )

2.Japan Touch Haru – Geek TouchWhat’s a fair, what’s a show. Well, 2 actually. It’s super funky big fair where you have the opportunity to discover the mixture of cultures Geek and Manga. Imagine 100% Pop Japanese Culture on the surface of 12000m². The Geek culture festival presents all video game, fantasy worlds (medieval & science-fiction universe), science & high-tech, Internet and cybercultures, TV series and movies, gadgets more or less geek things and likes. It’s the opportunity to meet the cream of youtubers and bloggers! It is a fair obligatory to attend for all fans of manga, cosplay, fashion, Japanese animation, J-Rock. But also for such novices as I’m because I don’t have any particular interests in manga, Japan culture etc but I found the event extremely interesting, and amusing. When: weekend April 2018; Where: Eurexpo, Asiexpo, Avenue Louis Blériot – 69680 Chassieu; How Much:  10 – 12 € (3 days: 35€)

3.Mahana – The biggest Tourism Show full of travel inspirations. It can really help you find your next holiday destination or/and explore Lyon and around. This Tourism Fair displays usually more than 300 exhibitors and offers the whole entertainment program, shows and thematic areas! Obviously, I visit it every year now and I do it for free. As if you visit their website before the fair you can download your FREE ticket. Why I like it so much? Well, it’s for FREE, it’s quite big and very interesting. I can talk to the bloggers, I can get brochures of amazing places of my dream holidays in the USA, Japan, India and China etc…one day I know…but also I can discover many activities and places to visit in France, in Lyon and got more ideas for short trips around Lyon. There are few more surprises at the fair, but I will let you discover them yourself. When: first week of Marc; Where: at the Tony Garnier Hall, 20 Place docteurs Charles et Christophe Mérieux, 69007 Lyon; How Much: FREE when requested on the website Mahana Lyon4.Salon 2 routes – Another very good and popular fair happening every year in the Salon de Lyon. It is huge! Full of motorcycles’ brands, drivers, artists, exhibitions, shows, real time performance and great atmosphere. In total, more than 2000 motorcycles on average exhibit on such a fair, on the surface of approximately 50 000 m². And if  i tell you there were 50 000 visitors in 2018 edition, will you believe me? Well, I don’t lie! Motorcycle lovers know it. I discovered it for the first time in 2018 and I was very impressed. And what impressed me so much? People! All looking strong and scary with the leather jackets but extremely kind, passionate about motorcycles! Also, the expo of motorcycles customised – wow, it’s a real art what you can do with the machines. And lastly, the fact I could try Harley Davidson. What’s an experience 🏍When: weekend in March; Where: Lyon Eurexpo; How Much:10 Euro

Salon du 2 roues

5.Fair for Rare Plants and Art of the Garden – Organized by the Association of Gardeners of the Sunday in Genay, the fair with rare plants brings together each year about 60 exhibitors. There are about 30 spaces dedicated to collectors-producers of rare plants and 15 spaces dedicated to the art of the gardening. It’s smaller than the other fairs but I like it as much as i like flowers and plants.  It’s a fair where you will meet local craftsmen and artists: land-artists, sculptures. It’s an ideal place for amateurs looking for tips and tricks of the gardener as a lot of advice is given. When: 2nd Saturday and 2nd Sunday of April; Where: Mayor of Genay, 549 rue de Proulieu – 69730 Genay; How Much: 2.5 Euro

Fair of Plants in Lyon

Do you agree with me? The fairs look really good and they are very interesting. Obviously, the more relevant to your interests they are, the more interesting and unmissable they get. But also for the general experience and having a good time, they are worth attending. And what is your experience in France in taking part in so popular fairs? Can you recommend any big events and fairs to take part in? Merci!

MY Top 5 Fairs in Lyon


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