This is how the MAC Lyon didn’t disappoint me!

Don’t tell it to the MAC Lyon – the one of the best museums in Lyon, but I actually haven’t liked modern art…till now!Check MAC Lyon - Musée d'art contemporain de Lyon for a new exhibition

So every time I went there for an exhibition i left unsatisfied, sometimes disgusted yet I always has been coming back because I love exploring Lyon and discovering new things. So I went again, this time on one the first days when the new exhibition of Abel Abdessemed has been launched and I felt obliged to tell you that it’s worth a visit. Either you are or not a fan of modern art I am sure you will find it interesting, shocking, moving and even beautiful. I need to admit it changed my way of looking at modern art and be more tolerant in judging it. It made me think that most of us like looking at famous painters and artists of the previous centuries. I love visiting Musee des Beaux Arts in Lyon to admire them yet, as we know many of those artists were also criticised and not appreciated during their lives when they actually were creating their mastermaster pieces. Because they were genius and their talents were too big for the current times. The same is with me and modern art, I’m a person of current times and I cannot understand yet the talents of modern artists. This is why I felt always unsatisfied with the modern art exhibitions. Now I changed, i started to look at this from different perspective. If I find it hard to like the modern art, I still respect it and i focus on the meaning of their art. As much as I always was complaining about it,  these expos always made me think, they shocked me in a way and created a good base for conversion. And I think this is actually a role of art. To draw your attention, to make you think about the message, to discuss and maybe to change the way you think or at least to open your mind. So as you see, for sure the Adel Abdessemed’s exhibition made me talking even more than usual (as I talk a lot anyway). But I shall stop now to shortly present you the exhibition and to invite you to discover it yourself.

Adel Abdessemed: The antidote

Adel Abdessemed: The antidote

About the Author: Adel Abdessemed was born in 1971 in Constantine (Algeria). “Art was my only way out,” said Adel Abdessemed, who grew up in an Algeria torn apart by the civil war. In 1994, the director of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Algiers was murdered and the twenty-three-year-old student decided to move to France and continue his training in Lyon. Now Adel Abdessemed  lives and works in Paris and London. He is famous for his strong works, in which he combines the flow of images and the tension of the current world. He challenges the taboos with many references to  the literature or ancient works ( but not only). He works with different materials (barbed wire, dynamite, cannabis resin, marble …) to invent through his installations, sculptures and videos.

About the exposition: “Antidote”: against human brutality! The title of the exhibition: The antidote comes from one of its creations. I should leave you to discover it 😉 as I need to try not to reveal everything so you will still visit the museum if you have an opportunity (It’s open in Lyon until 8 July 2018). But the story behind it is very interesting and even if you see it in the museum you might not discover its meaning. The Antidote is the name of the Lyonnais bar where Adel Abdessemed, a student at ENSBA Lyon, meets Julie, his future wife, the central figure of his work and his life.

His expo covers two floors of the museum and presents published for the first time in France his works in France. Among these creations, we are invited to discover “Shams”, which means sun in Arabic and which is a monumental installation that pays homage to all the human exploitation. The work is impressive. On 500 m2, we enter a world inhabited by miners, construction workers who work under the surveillance of armed guards in a totalitarian country where the heat is overwhelming. 40 tons of red clay were used to shape these human-sized bodies. A material is both raw and alive. It is the only material that can give this warmth, transmit sweat, fatigue.

Practical information

Where: Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon,  International City 81 quai Charles de Gaulle 69006 Lyon

When: From March 09 to July 08, 2018, Open Wednesday to Sunday from 11am – 6pm

How Much: € 8, reduced price: € 4

Check MAC Lyon - Musée d'art contemporain de Lyon for a new exhibition

And what do you think now? Are you going to visit the museum of modern art in Lyon? Or have you already visited. Do you like modern art anyway? BONNE VISITE!


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