In love with Zazzle – fav shop & cherry picked!

I am not sure where to begin! How did I fall in love with Zazzle I am sure it was a love from the first sight!

fell in love with zazzle

I guess I got an email or search online to find a unique gift for a friend. I wanted something special, something useful and something personal! I am very fussy when it comes to buying presents and I have high expectations to find only gems that will be ideal for the person. So I found and fell in love with Zazzle!

So what is Zazzle? Why are they so special to me? What are they all about? And again I will struggle to start!

zazzleZazzle is a website where you can buy unique gifts, find them easily and choose from a unlimited range. Nothing special about it as there are already many websites doing so. But what makes  Zazzle different is the fact that you can create your own design, choose the product you like (huge range of items here as well) and you can simply buy it. Again pretty covered area in the online space.

So what is so unique about Zazzle then? There are two main things: you can buy products with designs from other customers who submitted them and you can create your own designs and sell them. So either way, if you are creative and talented you can make something unique, buy it or sell it. If you are less creative or don’t have time, you can just get ready made, unique products from  Zazzle.

zazzle gift center

Not to mention the fact that I love them for: inspirations, ideas, gift center, wishlist, creativities, spirit, fun & joy, happiness, laugh…uff and new arrivals and sale!

Have you already fallen in love with Zazzle? If not, just have a look here 🙂





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