Let Me Present You Bulles de Mode. So Lyonnais – So Creative and So Good.

Today, let me present you – So Lyonnais So Good New Concept & Brand I found here in Lyon called Bulles De Mode! With this short interview, let’s all have a chance to discover more of Lyon, it’s innovation, beauty and Lyonnais people!Let me present you - Bulles de Mode

And a big thank you to Maïte– the founder of Bulles De Mode and a great enthusiast of fashion and shopping; for the time to share with us her story & idea.

The Big 5 Questions Are:

1. Who are you? 

Meet Maïte Despréaux from Bulles de Mode
Meet Maïte Despréaux from Bulles de Mode

Hi ! I’m Maïte! I’m 35 years old. I was born in Lyon and after a few years in Nantes and Paris, I came back!

2. When did you start?

I started my blog – www.bullesdemode.comin 2009. And in 2010 I developed my business – Bulles de Mode with a personal shopper service in Lyon.  

3. But why?/What for?

I looove fashion, I know many people do, but there are others who don’t, and others who don’t understand it, so my idea is to help people with their style and go shopping with them. Style is not a question of budget or size, I try to show it every day to my clients and teach them.

4. Who are your colleagues?/What is your Team?

For the moment, I work alone. My partners are the shops and designers.

5. What is the idea?/How does it work?

I have three different types of services:

  • Wardrobe detox at home. The idea is to sort your clothes and keep only the ones which really suit you best. Afterward, it’s easier to construct your wardrobe and shop efficiently, not wasting money any longer for clothes you will not wear.
  • Personal Shopping: I go shopping with you. After a meeting, I go and seek the clothes you want to buy before guiding you through the shops I have selected.
    I only take your personality, budget, and size into account. I’m totally independent of the shops.
  • Shopping “visits”:  I offer short shopping tours, to help newly arrived expats discover our nice city of Lyon and its shopping treasures. Where to find designer clothes at discount prices or the latest trends? Where to buy unique Lyon specialties to offer? Where to have a rest after your crazy sales shopping sessions? etc. I also tell anecdotes about our city and its history, so that you would know more about the town you have chosen to live in for a while.

    Personal Shopper Oullins of Courses
    Personal Shopper Oullins of Courses

  Would you add anything else?

I wish you a very pleasant time in Lyon! It’s a city full of promises where it is nice to live, and my job is also dedicated to easing your way of life! 🙂

Where can we find you?

Address: North, South, East, West, I shop everywhere! I don’t have a physical address, but you can find me on my website: www.bullesdemode.com

Twitter: @Bullesdemode

Instagram: @Bullesdemode

Facebook: @Bulles.de.mode

How can we contact you?

Email: style@bullesdemode.com

Did you know Bulles de ModeSo did you know Bulles de Mode before? Have a closer look and let us know who much you like this Lyonnais concept developed with the great experience, knowledge for Fashion & Shopping. Because I am sure you do!


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