Things I don’t like about France…Je suis desole, mais..

Je suis désolé, mais….there are actually some things I don’t like about Lyon & France

Having written my last ‘too optimistic & cheerful and praising post about the things I love about France and Lyon I had a think I should be more objective in my opinions. I am optimist who sees only the bright sight of life! So I do see only good things in people and word around…but there are things I might not like so much about Lyon and France and have difficulty in admitting it. Anyway I will try to be honest and point out few things that are putting me off french style of life. I keep my list to minimum as I am optimist but here you are

My short list of things I don’t like about Lyon and France!


  1. Driving! But at least I feel like I am a very good driver (and trust me I am not;-) and the French people are really bad drivers 😉

    Gentle effects of driving in France
    Gentle effects of driving in France
  2. Shops closed on Sundays and in the evenings! So no shopping for me on Sunday…I am getting used to…thanks God for internet and online shopping 😉
  3. French language is difficult ;-(
  4. Too much ‘pain’/to many baguettes;-)…it goes with everything…I am getting confused here…lunch, dinner, breakfast, snack…bring me some wholemeal 😉 but its difficult as the french ‘pain’ is irresistible
  5. Not so many discounts and offers in shops! It is expensive here!
  6. A lot of red paper!

…I told you it’s not that long, is it? I am sure the list will grow eventually as the time goes. If you remember I am here no more then 4 months all together so there is much more to explore. But in the meantime, although some things are putting me off Lyon, I still love it and I will share another bunch of photos from Lyon in my white & black theme with my colour touch 😉 Hope you like them!

And this picture needs to be in colour…I could not resist 😉 beautiful sun and light in Lyon!

Do you recognize the places in Lyon? Have you been there? If not, I will recommend…Lyon awaits you! Fell in love with Lyon as I did! Enjoy the city if you have a chance.



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