What presents to buy for a new born baby in France?

Different types of presents that you can buy for a new born baby in France!

Buying for a baby and kids is the best activity I can think of. All the things are so cute, beautiful, that you cannot resist in any case if you have a baby or you are expecting one or even better if anyone around you has a baby and you wish to buy a present for them.

what in France you can buy for a Baby as a present

But even if the shopping for a baby seems like a good fun, it is more complicated than that. Once you finally need to decide to buy something you are being put in front of too big choice and total lack of experience what is actually useful for a baby and parents. Of course, all the presents do not need to be very useful but at least they should be well thought of.  So in order to help myself and you to decide what in France you can buy for a Baby as a present, I did a small investigation and want to share it with you. 

So,  let’s talk about what type of presents you can buy for a new born baby in France

Any contribution to the Birth WishList for a Baby which I explained HERE is the very good present for a baby in France. However, there are other types of gifts for a baby you can consider getting such as: 

  • Baby Keepsakes  (Souvenirs bébé). These products help parents document their baby’s first days and years. These are the adorable baby record books, first tooth and curl containers, footprint plaques and other personalized baby gifts which will keep memories of the little darlings alive for a lifetime.

Des cadeaux pour conserver les souvenirs de bébé

FireShot Capture 105 - Baby Milestones Cards - notonthehighstreet.com - www.notonthehighstreet.com

Baby Thank You Cards (Faire-part de naissance)

  • Photo Posters Introducing Newborn (Affiche de naissance). These are the products used as an adorable nursery decoration. You can personalize the poster with the first name of the baby, there are the models with or without a photo. https://lachouettemauve.com/66-affiche-de-naissance-anniversaireAffiche déco bébé produit à personnaliser Naissance.fr
  •  Birth gift box (Coffret cadeau naissance). These are ready made boxes different themes like decorations, clothing, toys which are destined for a newborn. They are useful for anyone who cannot decide or have no experience with the babies.  

Coffret cadeau bébé original - Little Crevette

  • Personalized Baby Decor (Objet décoratif ). These are all the little objects that can be a nice addition to the baby room. Have a proper look as there are different types of little objects, I like the most musical toys or little lamps.

Cadeau Naissance Personnalisé - Boutique en Ligne

Gifts for Babies - Peter Rabbit Christening Gifts & 1st Years - Wedgw

Personalised childrens cutlery, Engraved With Any Child's Name!

  • Crib Medals for Baby (Médaille de berceau). This type of present for newborn is more popular in the Catholic homes. Crib medals are often hang near to where the child sleeps as a sign of protection to keep the baby safe from harm. Crib medal styles vary from round to cross shaped and often include an image of a guardian angel.

FireShot Capture 103 - Medals and decoratins for cradle - online sales on HOLYART.com_ - www.holyart.com

Uff, as you can see I can write and write about the shopping and presents. For me, a present is not just a box of sweets. For me the presents should be well thought of and ideal for a person who is going to receive it. So for a big chocolate lover it is a box of sweets indeed but for a newborn baby, it needs to be a thing that is beautiful, original, special as the little one is! I hope I packed you with some ideas of what you can buy as a present for a baby in France. If you have other ideas and suggestions, please share with me. The more shopping ideas, the better!

What presents to buy for a new born baby in FranceMe…I am getting prepared to publish my next post about the places where actually in France you can find very stylish, beautiful, original, unique presents for a baby ….coming next!


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