Tips for a savvy shopping for a baby in France

Savvy shopping for a Baby in France is possible! Check my tips and enjoy baby shopping in France on a budget.

No matter which part of the world you live in, being pregnant and waiting for the arrival of the little one will bring so many changes in your life. It will also and highly affect your budget. The same is happening in France, however, in my opinion, France in general is very expensive country that is why becoming a parent in France and welcoming your Little One can be even more expensive and more challenging. But I like challenges and therefore I have been preparing for the arrival of our Baby in France on a budget, keeping in mind that I want the best quality for my baby and I don’t do compromises when it comes to the good style! Because you want all the best for your Baby….and you want to afford it as well! So have a look and use My Tips for a savvy shopping for a baby in France.

Tips for a savvy shopping for a baby in France

  • Buy in Aubert and get their loyalty card. As much as I was against this particular shop at the beginning thinking it’s very posh and expensive and wanting from me to pay for the loyalty card, I have changed my opinion. Firstly, I bought the loyalty card on the offer half price but also each visit in the shop was like a special course preparing us for the arrival for the baby. So thanks to Aubert, you got all the advice and tips  for the products you need for the baby, but also, you always get 20% off all the products. Additionally, there is always on the website, the prive-vente: many offers just for the members. And all the products bought online, can be picked up from the shop within 2 hours and for free! 

Carte Privilège Aubert

  • Do the online shopping and get free delivery to the shop. Many French baby shops have free delivery to their local shops so make the most out of this. Me, personally, I hate paying for the delivery so I always look for the ways not to pay for the delivery. 

get free delivery

  • Use the websites to find good offers. My favorite one is It is  a community which finds and share the offers of all types. What is very useful , is the comments of the members related to the offer. Straight away, you can see if the offer works, if there is any trick or if it’s highly recommended to buy it. Also, yYou can subscribe to the alerts for particular themes for example: baby or Lyon or maison etc and make sure you do not miss on any new offer. 

special offers website

  • Use the websites offering huge discounts on particular products. There are  bebeboutik and groupon , that I have been using. However, what is important,  for the groupon i suggest reading T&C well and for the bebeboutik will give you up to 70% off very good brands but the delivery is usually within 3 weeks. Why? Because they wait to sell all and then they organise the delivery. But it is worth waiting. Use the websites offering huge discounts on particular products.
  • Start shopping earlier and you have time for the long delivery coming from other good but particular website like Wish. Here you also need to read the description of the products and delivery dates. But the choice of products they have is huge. The quality is average so make sure you don’t buy the essentials for the baby but some additional accessories.  

Make the most of the huge sale in France

  • Make sure you check if any shop / store/supermarket in France offers the Kit de Naissance. For example, being a member and having a loyalty card in will assure you a good Kit de Naissance for free!
  • Make the most of the huge sale in France happening twice in the year: summer in July and winter in January. There will be so many baby clothing on offer. 
  • Use Loyalty Card Carrefour and its Primes bebe. Loyalty Card in Carrefour offers you the programme Primes Bebe. Once you subscribe online to this option, all shopping for the baby will be 10% off

Tips for a savvy shopping for a baby in France1

I hope you found my list of Tips for a savvy shopping for a baby in France useful. It is important to get prepared for the arrival of the baby well and if you can do it on the budget, you are a winner! Because, starting from now on, the additional costs associated with the new wonderful member of your family are not evitable. You need to accept the new reality and stay happy and in your budget.

Happy New Parents Life!

Happy New Parents Life!



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