Share Some Love

I am going to try and show You How To Share Some Love…a small cherry picked tip…Hope you Like it!

Share The Love

I am going to be very original today. February has gone and with it, the Valentines. It is such a commercial holiday, meaning they will make you buy silly things to express LOVE to your partner on this particular day. Yes, this is very artificial, isnt it! Because how should you show LOVE to someone only once a year. I have heard this so many times, I agree with it myself.

So, instead of following all the marketing efforts, when Valentines come, everyone makes a statement: we are not doing anything at all to celebrate it. Ok, they break this statement slightly later and bring a flower or a card and try to make a home dinner for the beloved one. Because remember, you are not supposed to go out that day as it is so embarrassing. You would show off you support this commercial holidays and what’s more you would pay doubled!

So what do people do? They moan about Valentines, they confirm and say they love and will show the love to others everyday not only on 14th Feb. But how the practice looks like? Differently of course…February is gone, so the talking about the LOVE has gone as well.

But I am in LOVE every day…in love with shopping, shoes, handbags, colours, flowers ….but seriously I LOVE people around me: family, friends, everyone who is important and close to my heart. I am not able to say to them this everyday as they are away, busy with their lives.

But I wondered what I could do to be with them every day, close to their hearts and in not intrusive way remind them about my LOVE.

As i was ‘picking the cherry’ for you, I found this lovely gifts anyone could get to express the LOVE. Let me know what you think or would you have other suggestion?

I like the idea of the Silver Tone “I Love You to the Moon and Back” Two Piece Pendant Necklace which i found at Amazon here – cute note and it will be wear close to the heart indeed. I like the idea of cutlery set – the Adoration Spoon Set from BHLDN, do you? We eat every day, do we not? So such a set will definitely remind the owner that there is someone who loves them!

Just one of those cute & little & special things, can make our beloved ones, LOVED!


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