Discover Romantic Lyon! Spend romantic time in France but not in Paris!

Spend romantic time in France but not in Paris! Discover Romantic Lyon!

Many people think that Paris is the most romantic place in the world. And I am sure they have their reasons. I am sorry I am not the greatest fan of Paris. It is truly beautiful and artistic and yes romantic in some way but let’s not get crazy about it. There are many other beautiful romantic cities in Europe and France that can be considered as very romantic…for example Lyon. the city which many of us associate mostly with the best french food (it is the Capital of Gastronomy) and I do agree but…Lyon is also a very romantic place! I am talking about it as every time the Valentine Day is around, many people suggest Paris as a thing to do for your second half to celebrate this Day of Love. Well, I want to show you some alternative to Paris. I want to show you how you can spend wonderful romantic time in France and not in Paris but in my beloved Lyon! I want to show you the Romantic Lyon!

Spend Romantic Time in France but not in Paris

Obviously those suggestions can be used for Valentine Day (as much as you are a fan of this day or not) but also you can keep this list of things to do in Lyon the romantic way for any day in the year. I hope i will pack  you with some ideas which you can use to treat your second half in Lyon! So here you are my recommendations on How to Spend romantic time in France and not in Paris…so Lyon the romantic way!

Romantic Lyonnais Hotels


  • Spend a night in a romantic Lyonnais hotel. Indeed whenever you are a real Lyonnais citizen or Lyon’s visitor, you can and should treat yourself and the second half with a night in one of the best & the most romantic hotels. That can  be some different experience for two of you, the real treat : huge bed, unlimited water & shower & big bath taken together,sauna & jacuzzi, spa and champagne in the room. The very posh dinner and few cocktails! On top of that the service, white towels, egyptians cotton dressing gowns to feel great and spoilt. And here you are a list of recommended Romantic Hotels in Lyon (tested & top rated to make sure you will get the best experience and impress the other one!)Romantic Lyonnais Bouchons
  • Have a meal in one of the best and most romantic Lyonnais restaurants. According to the community and my own typical lyonnais food experience, I can suggest to have a romantic & typical lyonnais meal any evening you feel like eating some lyonnais specialities the romantic way! It seems that Abel is one of the best bouchons in Lyon and if you invite anyone there they will feel very special. Then you have Paul Bocuse restaurant (a bit too expensive!) and his more affordable brasseries…there are 4 in Lyn city to choose from and the one which is the most romantic is called North.Romantic Lyonnais Parks in Lyon
  • Go to the Lyonnais park but the hidden one. There are so many parks in Lyon that you might struggle to decide where to go. So if i can share a small tip with you…choose the one which is hidden, less crowded and go there for a walk, picnic, romantic kiss with yours eyes closed…hide from people & be only with your second half ! My favourite parks in Lyon are the Gallo-Roman theatre which is very popular among people but has many corners to hide. Less popular and less crowded is the Le Parc des Hauteurs – I would say…very green, full of flowers and banks to sit on and ’with a great view‘.Romantic Artistic Experience in Lyon
  • Organize the artistic  & romantic experience in Lyon. Why? Because Lyon has really many & many museums and very good ones, check here to see all of them and choose the ones you think are the most romantic.I strongly recommend  Musée des Beaux Arts. This museum has it’s classical 1200 m² garden which was created at the end of the 19th century. The circular pond in the centre is overlooked by an antique sarcophagus and a small statue of Apollo, god of the arts, there is also the truly beautiful Rodin…it is small and cosy and this is all what you need to feel the art and love around! But this is not all, inside the museum you will be overwhelmed with the beauty of art…love…Enjoy!Romantic Date in the Lyonnais Zoo
  • Have an unusual yet romantic date in the Lyonnais Zoo. Why zoo and what is so romantic about it? Well, I would say that Zoo is so surprising and unusual date idea for me that i feel it is so romantic. Because when you were a kid you had an excuse to visit zoo. When you are an adult it’s more difficult to find this reason for going to the zoo full of families and kids yet zoo is a magical place and I bet you will send there nice and romantic time. On top of seeing different species from all over the world, you can benefit from the hidden paths, undiscovered corners where you can hide with your beloved one…how romantic that can be? And the great news… Lyon has an amazing & hidden & quite big and free to visit zoo which is located in the famous Parc de la Tete d’Or. So be different and surprise your second half with your creativity inviting him/her for a Zoo Date.Romantic Walk in Lyon
  • Do a romantic walk in Lyon. So here it’s difficult to say where…there are so many places to have a nice romantic walk in Lyon. For me – my favourite place in Lyon is Vieux Lyon which has very romantic and charming  atmosphere. Why? Well it has all those little charming streets, paths, little restos and cafes. For a romantic view I would recommend taking your beloved one to the Fourvière and on top of that visiting with her/him the Fourvière Theatre. Why? Well, have you seen those sprawling roman ruin looming over the city? It will make a great impression on anyone! And lastly do not forget about the riverside which has it’s charm as well and many boats clubs, restaurants!Romantic Drink on the Lyonnais Boat
  • Enjoy a romantic drink (read: champaign) on the Lyonnais boat! Imagine yourself and the second half together going through the always lighted Lyon one of the evenings? You can admire the beautiful lights of Lyon, enjoy the privacy and  escape the crowds, have a colorful drink and especially champaign so your second half will feel very special! Another good news is that Lyon has not one but two rivers! So, there are many boats  to choose from and ideas for an evening/day trip to have.  I would recommend just a couple of Boat Companies:



  • Treat both of you with the romantic pumper = spa day in Lyon! Romantic Lyonnais Spa For TwoDo I really need to explain this one? I will assure you that the Lyonnais spa treat for 2 is one of the most romantic experiences you can have. So not going into details, let me just present you the big choice of spa activities available in Lyon here. Remember that you can get some good ideas and even better deals when you use Groupon website for a voucher to use. Make the most out of it and enjoy Romantic Lyon savvy way!Romantic Lyonnais Theatres
  • Go for a romantic date to the Lyonnais  theater or Opera. Why not taking your second half to the theater/ opera for a romantic date and why the date in the theater/ opera is going to be romantic? Simply because, you are not doing it at all, you might event not like it but you are ready to do it just for your second half. This is how you show her (in more cases)/ him (in some cases) on how much you care about them…Isn’t that love? Isn’t that romantic? So this is where the culture & love is meeting in Lyon! Check out the most popular and famous lyonnais theaters. I would recommend the beautifyl Lyonnais Celestin Theater here and my beloved Lyonnais Opera!More About Romantic Lyon
  • Lastly but most importantly…if you don’t have enough of the Romantic Lyonhere you are – so some more romantic ideas to have on Lyon!Discover Romantic Lyon

How did you like my little list of things to do in Lyon the romantic way? As much as we do not like Valentines Day, it is a nice occasion to  make us remember what in life is important and motivate us to appreciate Love & our Second Half & to search for Love & Happiness more actively & finally Finding Love! Love Is All Around Always In LyonBecause Love is All Around and we just need to Let it Blossom in the Romantic Lyon but not only!


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  1. I love Lyon and after reading your report Aga i am looking forward to my next visit . Ist on my list of things to do, I will visit those quiet parks and enjoy a leisurely stroll.

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