Spring Has Arrived, Are You Prepared?

Welcome Spring, if you haven’t yet!

Spring is Coming

This year Spring has surprised us a bit earlier than expected. Well I will not complain, as I love when it’s getting warmer, when we leave our coats and boots behind, when there are more sun and time for flowers blossoming.

But before Spring will fully arrive, I want us to get prepared to enjoy it better. There are things I Iove about spring time and some things I need to cope with.

 What I like about Spring Coming? Well it is definitely:

  • New season, new styles in Fashion. Time to refresh your wardrobe! Check out those great Spring Fashion Trends by cosmopolitan. Check this Spring Style by Brit + Co
  • Introducing new & fresh & optimistic colours to our outfits & life! Get colour inspired with my picks here.
  • Planting flowers, herbs, vegetables! Shopping for seeds, playing in the garden! Check this useful Free Poster with flowers to plant.
  • Bringing flowers to your home and placing them in a lovely Vases. Remember you can create some beautiful vases yourself for free – check here for inspirations.
  • Easter! For some it is associated with painting eggs and following religious traditions. For others – eating chocolate eggs! And the best choc eggs you can get from Thorntons!
  • New Spring recipes ideas which you can find here
  • And For Easter Cooking & Baking amazing inspirations which you can find here
  • Spring art! Check on here for some wall inspirations you can use in your home!
  • Spring vouchers and offers! Retailers always find an excuse to name their few pounds off! Find them hotukdeals!
  • Enjoying warm weather! Time for walks, trips, weekend always.  See how Britain looks in Spring Time and how you can enjoy time outdoors.
  • More energy which comes with the sun; more fun time with friends and on budget – check here.

What I am not looking forward to when it comes to spring? Well:

  • Spring Cleaning! Learn more what it is about here.
  • Garden work (not relaxing planting the seeds but cleaning garden after the winter!)
  • More rain!

So as each season – spring will have its good and bad elements. The fact is we cannot avoid them but we can try to make those disadvantages disappear or less painful!spring-cleaning-

How about getting organized, using this Spring Clean Checklist, sharing the work and do it step by step? I have found useful Spring Clean Checklist on here which you can print, assign tasks to others and yourself and nicely tick the boxes once they are completed!

Approaching Garden Work seems to be tougher and more difficult indeed.  It is something that has to be done as specialists say. It is a hard and dirty work which requires time and energy. So you can either get prepared with a proper gardening outfits and tools or hire someone to do it for you. Doing it yourself can be fun, when you do your shopping for  gardening clothes but then a hard work is waiting. Hiring someone will cost you a bit more but you will save energy for other pleasant activities…shopping!

And for the rain – just get a good quality and some optimistic umbrella. Check here to get inspired with cool and unusual umbrellas to brighten your day!

So now I can only wish you to Enjoy Spring Time fully!



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