Exploring the South of France

My winter holidays in the South of France…because I love to explore France!

So I have been to the South of France! Not exactly Nice – style of the South of France but so amazing & charming and much better I could not believe that they exist.DSCN8083

You think France you think: Paris, cheese & wine & baguette, you think azure coast & Nice, Monaco, lovely beaches and posh seaside resorts…but you might not realize that France is not only about it! It has many more amazing places to visit, each of them with its charming atmosphere, nice (believe me or not) French people, Roman & medieval influences and much more…

So for me this winter holidays were about: 7 full days of relax & discovery & fun, 6 days of sun and so much wind, only 1 day of grey and rainy weather (still manageable to have fun and enjoy it without umbrella), 3 times visit to the sea & beach, 1 sunset by the sea ticked off. Overall: 15 places visited, over 1500 km driven, about 1200 photos taken (!!! but there were 2 cameras involved !!!)and 10 magnets brought back for the fridge. So yes, each day in the South of France has been spent pretty active, creative, interesting and happy I didn’t expected or even hoped for!

We visited the seaside, we have seen the most amazing monuments coming from the romans’ influences, we have been to the few villages classified as The Most Beautiful Villages of France. We have been enjoying packed lunches, broccoli & wine and meat steaks. We had picnics with fresh baguettes each day in the car when it was cold, in the park when it was sunny, by the river while watching flamingos, on the market when we have been to the big city. I enjoyed it all and in particular my discovery of France and the way French people live this time in the south of France.

So I have seen olives’ trees for the first time in my life! I have seen so many fields full of grapes’ trees also for the first time. I have seen and tasted more cheese, more local wine, special saussisons which was ok. I learned that the region is famous for its lavender (which I like a lot), for soap (which I also liked a lot) , for salt (which I use a lot), for bulls (for meat but mostly to be used for fights on the arenas (which I don’t like), for segals (insects I don’t particularly have any feelings about), closeness to the nature (which I simply loved!)…amazing white horses on the fields, by the lakes & birds & flamingos in the amazing Camargue Park and in the surroundings. So the landscapes were stunning I could not read, I could not learn any French but just admire it all through the windows when driving the car, short walks when possible, lunch spots…I loved it all and I am a bit tired now. Maybe you will understand why once you have seen some photos and the list of places I have visited within one full week. So after this so called holiday I need a proper rest & sleep and ‘doing nothing’ few days to recharge, can you imagine? Oh well I enjoyed it all and would do it again. But I am sure there are few more places in France that are waiting for me to be discovered…But lets get started with the plan of the trip which has been achived. Here you are. Click here: Trip to South of France, Feb 2015 to see the places on the map and see quick photo overview of those places…be prepared for more…

Day 1 SUNDAY: Aigues Mortes and Le Grau du Roi and Pavalas les Flots

Day 2 MONDAY: Nîmes and Pont du Gard

Day 3 TUESDAY: Aigues Mortes by night and Arles and Saintes Maries de la Mer and Scamandre Nature Reserve

Day 4 WENDESDAY: Montpellier


Day 5 THURSDAY: Avignon and Les Baux de Provence

Day 6 FRIDAY: La Couvertoirade and Saint Guilhem le Désert

Day 7 SATURDAY: La Garde Adhémar and Mirmande

So how do you like it. Have you heard about any of those places? Have you been to any of those places. Well, let me tell you a bit about each of them and my experience when visiting. I am sure you will fell in love with them as much as I did. Noone can resist…its simple the best…J’adore France…still and even more!


I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it...

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