My Best Top 15 French Souvenirs

 My Best Top 15 French Souvenirs Which You Can Bring From France

It usually causes a headache for tourists, visitors and all of us living in France to decide on a typical French souvenir. Either we want to buy something typical French for us to bring from France or we want to buy a nice French souvenir for our friends, families, there are few little problems. Either there are too many French things we like or there is nothing interesting from our point of view. We actually don’t know what is typically French and lastly, most importantly we are very often undecided.What To Bring From France If you have such a problem or a different one, let me help you out by sharing this selection of My Best 15 French Souvenirs you can or should really bring from France. Which French souvenir do you like the most? My very favorite one is nr 10!

  1. Good French Wine. Even if you can find many wine bottles in the shops worldwide I would recommend getting the local speciality from the area you visited. Like for example, my favorite one for Lyon is Côte du Rhône. Do you have your favorite wine?

    French Wine
    French Wine
  2. Champagne. As it actually comes from France. The French (being precise…the monks) invented the special method of fermentation used in Champagne, known as the “champenoise”. In the 18 century, they started to cause the effervescence in the wine. So if champagne than only French and if French champagne than only good quality from Champagne.French Champagne
  3. Herbes de Provence. So French and easy to carry as a nice souvenir from France. They usually come in very nice boxes ready to use for cooking. Even if they are from South of France they are a real symbol of the  France and can be found in many French shops. But do you know what exactly the herbs de Provence are? Well, this French herbs mixture consists of thyme, basil, savory, fennel and lavender flowers and it can be used for seasoning meats, pasta sauce or even for sprinkling on baked cheese. So adding a French touch to your meals…anytime, anywhere.Herbs de Provence
  4. Lavender. It is a symbol of Provence and France. You can find it everywhere in France or make at home and pretend you brought it from France. The little sachets of lavender are a wonderful souvenir. I like to grow the lavender as I appreciate the smell. I like to dry it, put into little sachets and straight to my wardrobe. It is very relaxing doing and smelling!Lavender
  5. The Little Prince. The Italian has Pinocchio, the French have Le Petit Prince. I don’t know how more I can recommend it as a gift for yourself but especially your friend. It is a  charming, moving story short but powerful showing us the real beauty of the friendship. On top of that Le Petit Prince comes from Lyon!The Little Prince
  6. Cheese Board. OK, now you can tell me this, it is not French at all and I know! But what is so French is the French big tradition for following many meals with the display of a cheese board full of a great selection of cheeses. So to carry on this nice tradition at home or to introduce it to friends and family, get yourself or for others a cheese board. A little tip: instead of carrying it in the luggage as it seems quite heavy, you can always buy online. Oui?Cheese Board
  7. Laguiole knife. And finally some proper souvenir for a man! As it’s always so difficult to find a present for guys. They are so difficult! So here you are – the famous folding knife which is so French and on top, it looks very nice. It has a catch and is decorated with a symbol of a bee.  It was invented in 1829 in the village of Laguiole.Laguiole knife
  8. Cognac. It’s another souvenir from France ideal for a guy. We are very lucky as France seems to be a man-friendly country! But what is the story behind the French drink which is not a wine?! Well, from the 18th century, the wines of Charentes were distilled using an exclusive method (known as distillation by a pot still) which produced eau-de-vie from Cognac. So as we can see the French can get very creative when it comes to variations of alcohol drinks?Le Cognac
  9. Madeleines or better a madeleine cookie pan. Because those French cookies are the French pride and on top they are yummy. But if you get just a pack of madeleines cookies you might be disappointed as they will finish very quickly. So in order to prolong the pleasure, buy a cookie pan and make your own madeleines at home. Here is a handy recipe for you. And be creative, add a bit of yourself! I prefer them with raspberries as the plain ones are a bit boring for me yet also very good.Madeleines or better a madeleine
  10. A Collection of French popular music.  We all know and like the French language. And to clarify it, the French just to listen to rather than to learn because this language is pretty difficult, isn’t it? Because listening to the French music is an experience. In terms of French music, there is a lot to choose from to meet everyone’s likes. The songs spoken, pop, rock and the modern French music with the latest hits and the old ones always relevant and loved by everyone. I think one CD would not be enough.A collection of the best French Music
  11. Some Marseille soap. Because Marseille is one of the biggest cities in France and because it makes a specific soap which is made in a specific way according to an ancestral technique. This is a unique, natural and authentic product of France which you can bring as a souvenir.Some Marseille soap
  12. Saucisson. This is very French, quite tasty, better to transport home than cheese. It may stink but at least it will not go off as quickly as cheese. Lyon, the Capital of Gastronomy, is famous for Jesus Saucisson for example and you can buy it here. But there are more types and shapes so you can keep looking.Saucisson
  13. Boules Set. A very French traditional I would say ancient game yet still played today by the old ones, young ones, by friends and families. Have you ever seen or heard about the French well dressed playing boules? The idea seems simple, you try to throw large metal balls closest to a smaller ball on gravel fields. Yet it’s not easy to win. It’s such a good fun, lots of laughs which you can bring from France as a souvenir and enjoy with others.Boules Set.
  14. Pink Pralines. They are a pride of Lyon that is why I know them so well and can recommend as a souvenir from France. Because the whole France appreciate them, like them and eat them in many forms. As sickly sweet, they can get in a form of pure pink sweets, in a good recipe of many pastries, sweet rolls, ice cream, tarts etc they are really delicious. So I suggest you get a pack of those sweets consist of an almond covered with a crisp, perfumed and colored cooked sugar casing and you can take the theme as a typical French souvenir and add to your desserts,  baking or just eat on their own if you have a sugar rush. You can buy them anywhere in France, in Carrefour and Auchan. If you want to be very precise you can get then from the Lyonnais shop herePink Pralines
  15. Kusmit Tea. A very French tea, so French as you can see here. Treat yourself and others with a really good,  creative tea which you can bring as a souvenir from France. They have a big selection of roiboost, herbal teas, infusion teas. They are ideal for winter and refreshing cold for summer. Just try the very French tea and I bet you will fell in love with it. Ideal for a present for yourself and others.French Tea

BONUS: It’s totally free and easy to carry Lyonnais CookBook. I made a small recipes book of Lyonnais food specialities in English. So now I can make a French meal and you can as well. Have a bit of France with you and share with others from anywhere in the world.

Was this list of My Best 15 French Souvenirs useful for you? What French souvenirs have you bought or want to buy? Maybe I will like it as well, please share with me in comments below. Thanks !

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I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it...

5 thoughts on “My Best Top 15 French Souvenirs

  1. Thanks so much for this excellent list Aga. I’ve purchased the herbs and a knife (being careful to pack it in my checked luggage). But for some reason I’ve never gifted tea. Something to remember for next time. Scarves also make great souvenirs – and they are relatively easy to pack! #AllAboutFrance

  2. You’ve chosen some lovely things in your list, I especially like Laguiole knives and the boule set (though that’s rather heavy if you’re flying with a weight allowance). In my area, the Côte d’Azur, I love almost everything form Fragonard and buy lots of gifts from there. Thanks for joining in with #AllAboutFrance

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